Sunday, 1 November 2009

When Iran was Communist... And St.Peter

oh you didnt know?

they kept it from you?

then you must still believe them!

- magi

When very ancient Iran-Persian was a communist nation, and also promoting free love by the way, it hit a problem..

when the peoples elected champion met the king, the king offered his Queen for free love to the champion of the new brave society that had been created.

and the Queen of Iran, a diana, talked the champion of socialism away from fucking and so he left at her command...

the socialist it happens... didnt last.

St. Peter and the early church ran a communist church,...but, others were permitted to keep there money (annias and Sephera, book of Act, NT)
they held possession in common and lived as a collective people.

ok.... but that is not the dictatorship, domination, psychopathic and homocidal insanity of Marxism! (both systems long before the Jew slow catch up! hijack, arab style and adulteration for some semite reason! as could be supported by semites and jewish types)

ok not in arabia it will not be then.

Yet that crazey Jew Marx was an anarchist enemey of the State, and therefore of any Socialist State. Worse still, of Socialism itself, as Socialist distribution requires a State and state organization! and that is realisticaly a national state!
therefore the mad jew was an enemy of nationalism. except zionism.

semite mecca was capitaist at the time of Mohammed, his uncle a buisnessman, he one too for a time, his beloved first wife a sucessfull wealthly self made woman too.
mecca was the place of the universal temple, true to the idols and statues of the traditions... that the west has yet to manage to attain. i guess 600 ad=ce was not long enough ago for them to catch up!
what is 1400 years anyway?

not real lies of femminsm - a jewish upper-middle class tradition allied to the ... Capitalist Liberals. hmm. in oppositon to working class views! my word yess, the working class are not PC-Liberals!! didnt you know?

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