Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Recoils, absorb hydrolics butt: poss upgrade

women develope naturally big
butts and big thighs to help
absorb impact of random males
hip thrusts.

impact absorbtion.

.577 high recoil rifle. vid watch
brit TA reserve soldier shot in afghan
blogged over govt con
. article.
A Territorial Army soldier shot dead two weeks after arriving in Afghanistan earlier told friends that troops were "still waiting" for promised new body armour and helmets.

Rifleman Andrew Fentiman, 23, of Cambridge, died after coming under fire while on foot patrol near Sangin in Helmand Province on Sunday.

The soldier wrote an internet blog on November 2 to let friends know that he had arrived in Afghanistan.

"We are still waiting on these new body armour and helmets that were promised to us," he wrote in the blog, entitled "Hello From Afghan".

"You would have seen the story splashed all over the news, they said they would be ready for us but we hope they will arrive soon..."

see picture when if uploads ok.

from your friends in the legion, which excludes Lava then. a ha!

universal, limited to none useful in present conflicts, especially not useful against people uprisings against imperial forces. boo fucking hoo.

and speaking of jason-mamma 'they hit back' trash...

not all that high grade compared to lava legion machine cannon high APr hydrolic systems.

did you know? some earthlings still av iron butt rifles. ok if you have an exo skeliton up for it, humanoids haveunt, ouch! like fix barnets or run chaps, but iron butt rifles, iron butt heads. try rubber. (they might survive themselfes you know... not ruled it out like, ... is lesser standard tech they should av got anyhows do we looks stoopid?.. so zabaazb wotz answer B then cock spunker?)

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