Saturday, 28 November 2009

Swine Flu No Thanks!

No thanks Swine flu fkoff!

Oink Oinks method not to get it or fight it off easy:

use anti-bacterial soap on hands - try sniffing it too.
wont get high though...

pig mask? maybe if you dare and can get a way with it.
(dont use it or veil if ill as restricts removal of virus being expelled.)

stay in keeep warm. have hot drink, wear extra layers inc thermals!!
(so thats why he wares them! hmm)
draw curtains, extra blankets, duvees. try closing the door too.
wear warm hat or any hat. cover feet too.

hot drink like tea for the tannin. 5 cups a day thanks = immune system at 150%
neat trick, thanks druids. (avoid if you have lupus face-band marks of over high immune system, QED).

anti cold anti flu things! like from chemist.

news link.
train-blown up Moscow to St.Petersburg line.25 ghosts, 100 for repair.
droid heating vest if very cold area.

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