Monday, 14 December 2009

Office Slut Poster

Office Slut Poster
fun room office.

typing practice:
link office slut story.

Some women like to sleep their way to the top to achieve career success. Not me. I’m not nearly smart enough to figure out who could help me advance in my job. I’m merely content to be known as the office slut.

Don’t believe me? Todd from accounting fingered me during a staff meeting and I got a stiff meating in the kitchen from Jim in HR. I jerked off Kenny from the mail room in the men’s room and got an Eiffel Tower from Lamar the janitor and David in Sales behind the dumpster in the parking lot. And just last week I let Stuart the intern give me a Dirty Sanchez during a sexual harassment seminar. Yeah. I’m that slutty.

Hobbies: Shopping for inappropriate work clothes and smudge proof lip gloss, wearing short skirts with no underwear and walking very slowly up the stairs, blacking out at office holiday parties and waking up in the middle of a gangbang."

type, print, place in folder. take to office.

data: Have you ever had sex with a Boss or supervisor: 14 % (female answer).m 8% would like to have: Sex in a public place: 18 % f (m 14%)
Fetish play: 17 % (m 16%)
Anal: 8 % (m 15%)
Use sex toys: 14 % (m 11%)
BDSM: 23 % (m 10%) link. feb 9 2006.

sexiest part of a woman: male answer: Butt/ass: 13 % highest;
sexiest part of a man: woman answer: Eyes: 11 % highest.

have had sex outside of your regualar relationship @Married women: 43 %
Single women: 48 %

typing practice:

"a mammelian adult female accepts penis up her vagina and spermatoza ejaculation up her vagina from all passing mammilian males of the species, as shown in guard sperm, and her sexual requirements which include servicing any male to reach her orgasmic potential of sound mind and body, and the psychological need to be submissive to males of the species. This can be considered human, with the blessings of biotech korps."

more fun see below. or click here.

Office Slut check-list

Good Office Slut checklist.

One goes in official folder
Other one held by trainee.

update together
after completed a box.

for stages see december links
biotech korps.

can get the name of the name tag they have chosen to wear.

video, short. I can do that.
watch together.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Photocopy Cunt! How to photocopy your pussy!

How to photocopy your pussy!

vid play, click here.
So did you?

this box yes! welldone.
you can use a photocopier!
have you considered a career with biotech korps?

this box no.
UK 0300 1234 999
we dont want you.
that sentence was in basic english.
but the synagogue might know the party and company! (they do not like us).
have you considered a career with the government?

humor. upskirt photocopys.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Your Career as a Secretary! touch typing

Your career as a secretary.
Touch Typer, Office adim, other duites.

click the picture for a larger version to save. print it keep it with you.

Touch Typer, the F-Job.

Finger the F, Give J job.

keep nails clean. keep a nail scrubber with you. scrubbers are important in this job.
nails should be cut square if you wish.

follow procedure recruit!

why agency work?
It pays you money.
You work indoors.
no heavy lifting.
have flexability.
periods off, covered.
provide cover too.
no same place if bad chemistry;
easy notification and soon replaced, covered!

A good agency on your side will get you in a position to fit in with ease.
variety comming from covering maternity leave, walk outs, strikers, abandoment of position, the ill, funeral, holidays. No repeated formal interviews! No long term commitment, no stuck with one employer. part-time work. A good agency like biotech korps will make you part of the team of employees, bonded together in unity, included as a part of the unit, with our own office parties and training procedure! An agency simply takes a percentage of the wages paid to it by an employer for supplying office temps like you. Its money is only if you are making money.

prostitutes work out of doors on the street in all seasons and weather, including cold winter and when it is wet and rainy, and there they give sucky and fucky with all-commers. Also pimps get aggressive with them, and police arrest hookers. social status zero, which is sad. drug problem associates, and providing kiny or unsual sexual acts such as anal sex and kink as standard.

till check-out girl. boreing. might have to deal with silly shop-lifter gangs, robbers and shelf-stacking.

public sector, government. full of bitchy spitefull bitches and female bitch bosses, career office politics for promotions and avoiding the chop. ideological indoctrination, quotas, cut backs, PC madness which you will have to lie about and would come to believe. Office Lesbians, though this is an asset to some people who welcome their sexual advances. Also there are the feminists. Absurdity borderline insanity is common-place. They try to run the welfare department for those with no work .

w/c biotech korps 'science our side'.
At least we are organised!

a bit of music. true blue madonna.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

learing to type with BioTechKorps

Learning to type with BioTech Korps!


promotion recruiter poster.

age laws respected.

of age secretary induction procedure available.

fun parties arranged!
paid placements in cash.
future bonuses available!!

'we need your daughter'.

type test online.
useful link.
type free.
'thank you biotech for those great links'

sex education. vids.
cervix cap & spermicide data. use with mini-pill.
(see doc or sex clinic). other link. It is good.
will protect you in vaginal sex.
your cervix vid.
induced female orgasm vid. Ohgasm.
approved biotechkorps no-need-for-knickers short-dress.
approved biotechkorps travel-mug.
approved biotechkorps office-admin bag.
approved biotechkorps office-keys-ring/chain.
approved biotechkorps name-tag button. (universal agency, biotech type)
approved biotechkorps mouse-pad, mouse-mat & workstation finder.
for all fans of biotech korps.

typeing material. (not standard letters).
Prom Night.

music as you type. get into the groove, Madonna.
humor. the office, New Secretary. slow loader.
most sex per week: 1st Office Workers, 2nd Fitness Instructors, 3rd IT workers!
yep secretarys won that one!

Bio Tech 1 Assume the Position of Secretary

Bio Tech information
Assume the Position.

Secretary recruitment, training and distribution agency.

said to be run by aliens.

making the special distribution list!

Biological Technology Guards turned its alien eye to secretary recruitment, training and agency.

discression assured.
zero litigation.
'we pay hush money as a bonus to our temps'.

Secretary is Secret-ary, from the word Secret, meaning 'on who keeps secrets'.
keep all talk in-house.

assume a work name, which is a secretary name, the name you shall be known by at the company, and at work! answer only to this name.
such as: Jan, Jane, Cindy, Sharon, Suzi, Patrica, Vicci, Vikki, Deb/orah, Debby, Liz, Elizabeth, Beth, Bekky, Beccy etc.

morph into secretary. vid. 23 sec.

typing material.
My Secretary.
The taming of Jackie.

music, 4 mins, madonna & timberlake.
humor. sec strip.

Bio Tech 2 Information the boyfriends

Bio Tech information.
Customer Service and executive choice.

the boyfriends.

repeat this:
"I am not a feminist"

typing material.
Dark desires.
Cindy the Slut.

ambient space music.
calming music.
humor. office tease.
boreing! lose the panties!
(be the hottest one)

Bio Tech 3 information keeping the position

Bio Tech information sheet.
Keeping the Position.

they need their biological needs serviceing.

typing material.
1 Kammi fire-hall gangbang.

music. Blur, girls and boys.
humor. Carla presentation rehersal.

hot secretaries dont need stalkers soo....

if you are a temp, you are.
then only we need to know your address. we allready do.
alter the digits of your address, or introduce your favourate number.
ie 123 street becomes 132 or 213 or even 321 street. 45 becomes 54, 7 plus lucky number 5 becomes either 75 or 57. you choose. let us know.

office romance, delaware survey 2009.
workplace romances. 72% comp have no policy. which is fine.

Bio Tech 4 information reception

Bio Tech information sheet.
reception and distribution.

repeat this:
"I am a cock sucker"

Typing material.
2 Kammi bar-room gangbang.

music, multipleorgasmus.
humor. upskirt fun.

Bio Tech 5 information

Bio Tech information sheet.
Social and Work Awareness and motivational.

for meditation.

photocopy your pussy!
give one to the official guy..
and post the other one on the notice-board for all the staff and girls to see ...and any visitors...with your secretary name or handle written underneath (your workname).

typing material.
3 Kammi southern gangbang.

music. delerium lost and found.
humor. stationary.

Bio Tech 6 training deportment & attitude

Bio Tech's 1st training procedure; deportment and attitude.

real women in a real world.
even if it is planet earth.

think kink.
spy cam. discreet.

music. pokerface, lady gaga.
humor. secretary strips for him.

Bio Tech 7 Cunt is Public Owned

Bio Tech information.
Cunt is pubic owned.
a biological scientific reality.
harmony avoids repeated crashes with reality.

educational links. vids to watch.

typing material.
4 Kammi and the delivery man.

music. pokerface, alvin & the chipmunks.
humor. spy cam, security.
office fuck.

Bio Tech 8 Training Procedure

Bio Tech training procedure.
pirch, birch, slurp.

good conduct vids.

spanking. right or wrong

getting to cocksucking grade.
fellatio stage (oral giving)
'so was it your boyfriend'
1 blindfolded penis lips
2 blindfolded penis lick
3 blindfolded penis into mouth
4 blindfolded penis cums in mouth. (swallow)
5 no blindfold fellatio.
various 'bosses'.
this stage continues.

sex stage
secretary sex.
note: fellatio perfomed after.
cum is to be swallowed.
1 a nude over desk
b caressed. self masturbation.
2 others: a finger insertion your pussy
and b finger fucking your pussy.
3 a penis rubbed on buttocks and legs
to b penis penitrated into vagina
4 a fucking, ejaculation on ass or legs or belly
to b full ejaculation into vagiana sessions.
various 'bosses'.
this stage continues.

non fellatio
5 a lubricated cock after pussy penitration entered slowly up ass
b buggered anal sex. ejaculation external.

music. kiss me orgasmmusic,
humor Jenna as secretary.
humor. Office Party.

Bio Tech 9 infomation

bio tech korps infomation sheet.
The Special List.

ready for any appointments.

typing practice material.
5 Kammi halloween gangbang.

music, techno theorgasmsong.

secretary gangbang. 12 min vid.
how to have sex in the office and not get caught.
one figure: 20% men, 8% women have.

still more typing practice:
a mammelian adult female accepts penis up her vagina and spermatoza ejaculation up her vagina from all passing mammilian males of the species, as shown in guard sperm, and her sexual requirements which include servicing any male to reach her orgasmic potential of sound mind and body, and the psychological need to be submissive to males of the species. This can be considered human, with the blessings of biotech korps. To be less than this is to be subhuman, as defined as 'less than human', even in cases of self considered 'above human' but unable to meet the human stage of being (ie delusion and denial). Nature will according to its own dynamics slowly remove the subhuman as defined not by race-varient but by being conformed to the scientific biology of human in practice (adult=adult, child=child) though a gradual process of extinction of the defective in these areas and those allied to them."

usual procedure.

Bio Tech 10 humor

biotech korps humor.

a very discreet agency with a very discreet staff
...and former staff.

biotech is noted for its legendary sence of humor.

we like our staff to have a smile and take an interest in their social welfare:
hows daddy?
hows the weird cult leader?
hows boyfriend/hubby
and his parents
open minded slags post sexual content in public all over the friggin web.

remember your training.
we employ slags.

music. pure chillout.
humor. why i fired my secretary.

gyne. tips:
open legs, show pussy, let some stranger put his fingers up your vagina.
(beware of psychiatric skitzo hypocrite females). this excludes sluts who are consistent honest people.

legal gunk:
where can i make a sympathetic complaint over BioTech Korps for them being into adult hetrosexual SEX?
They will refer it to sympathetic allied within the police force, court system, and such types in the media and government for future consideration.

authorized personnel to accept court summons on behalf of Biotech Korps?
: dockland 12pm to 2am make appointment.
we employ ethinic minorities and desperate white guys (the humanoid double-wall in the gleaming jackboots holding iron-broom handles behind their backs) as you could possibly later afferm.
our official at the end is legally required to accept the summons and will do so with a smile and turn his back and walk away to the limo.
He know his allegence and takes his punishment for it!!

A look at the prison camps in Iraq manned by U.S Soldiers. Children have also been found in this camp under the age of 18 years old and as young as 9 years old according to the children being questioned at the time of this tappin.
Ork Legion Awareness of sides loyal.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Its Mars, Its Volcanic geothermic ; Mars Methane; debunk

debunk alert!

Its Mars, the iron planet
Its Volcanic geo-thermic.
the methane release that is.

if in doubt, Mars is like...dire.

it has co2 and h2 to make ch4 too. but with mars hydrogen-peroxide storms not much lives on that old rust bucket of an iron planet.

more hope in the 'disguised as an asteroid' Apophis near earth approach in circa 2029.
The Apophis asteroid is approximately the size of two-and-a-half football fields." - Nasa
99942. could be an alien vessel. Not saying it is or anything but...

incomming gemini December 13-14.
The Geminids, associated with the asteroid 3200 Phaethon, produce bright streaks of light as the Earth passes through and burns celestial dust ejected by the asteroid.

The dust burns when it hits the Earth’s atmosphere, producing what are commonly called shooting stars, Stage said." - Gemini december.

near earth asteroid ring. aka the doughnut. Mars Methane paper. near earth ish.


so if apophis 99942 is a vessel: for an intersteller i make it a small ship, which means they used hybernation i think or... well if the former then they might well be waking up all one of them oops. joke. It will miss the earth on its course so dont nuke it. cant be gen. not exactly invasion fleet size is it?

if they are...they could deflect hijack and return your gifts as no good. not that its any of my business or anything.

zero water, zero life. our scan. tough. get used to it. bung.

of the myriad of planets we have visited, you will learn the precious and speical place of an oasis of life and biological diveristy as a sacred trust and gem of redient glory. Not that a system not of life is uninteresting for research becasuse it is of note and calculation too, but cannot compare.

for elan, the universe memorial maker to himself gave unto us all [oh fuck! not elan again] that universal science of our species and greater unity.

No Dogs Zone - Polizziac Sniper = fast food

a different perspective (maybee)

enforcement of no-dogs zone rules (public eco-habitats for example)
for public safety of humanoids.

carnivor weapons dissallowed zone.

includes no tigers, no bears, no baboons, no chimps, no elephants, no bulls, no zankhst, no buffalo, no snakes, no tranchella, no lions, no big cats (liger, tigon, leap, panther) or any other dumb ass pet-weapon. if in doubt feel free to get it shot ofcourse.

good bit: there is a shrine to them with their corpses rested. outside the wall.
and there are plenty of info signs. macarbe but good for the ecology.
bad bit: includes fido the performing doggy ezzOrrIte wuth UZZ izz pakk un Feeders inneee.
also good bit: sniper team can claim the meat (ork/korean). no taste some people but there you go. not worth finding out its better than horse which means zip.

dumb ass owners will be shot in the leg or body if really need be (approaching, within 20 feet of sniper ish) which is a death shot for your information considering the velocity of urban combat sniper rifle range being circa 500m kill.
medic provided free, so is the undertaker with us cant speak for your society though.

where your polizzicaz or the manat were too cowardly , bribed, corrupt, or unable to walk or talk or follow procedure or stand upright or articulate human speach, the legion will as a duplicate get the job done and can make arrests too anyway to prevent bottle neck. and let the mannat polizzia know it.

Eco-Village a How To! inc. funders & diversity shrines

An eco-village disign!

its a valley with things either side. bridges over the valley.

so the bod walks in and follows the main road loop, with serveral off-road loops rejoiners.

Sustainable Timber!
has a sustainable timber forest, willow wood mainly.
all home grown!
Sustainable Orchard!
on other side has an orchard, apple mainly.
all home grown too!

the valley also serves as a eco-green-burial site! (including burn-wood cremations, dig-hole and open-burials). as traditions vary here.
some herb bushes near the centre open burial area i think.

also: diverity shrines!
a buddhist one, a hindu one/organic temple and a wicca forest one with meeting areas for sky clad nature lovers...!! click map for bigger version to save and free use.
also a shinto shrine, as they like nature.
all adds character to the place.

another idea is a nudist area! inside building and big green garden next too it! (warm weather allowing). in some cultures that could be an exclusive no-clothes allowed area.

free, paid guided tours of museaum and eco-park/village.
history of eco-town and local area and other projects.

gift shop
selling worth local and fair traide things, local artisans and local timber made products, charms, talismans, bowls, mugs, rugs, skirts, bracelets etc etc.
worth a try.

boozers bar (with 'crowd involved biological' strippers) and sodominaz entertainment bar (search under term sex on this site). woohoo!
good funders, very controversial though....
funding a good cause there and local emplyment. good good, win win.

coffee and tea shop.
plus eat eat snacks.
very important place.
lovely fried ...mag...things humans like yess...
so thats less on the fried-maggots and cooked-insects and beefo-fry and stew then.
more on the tea cakes and fast food. (well i expect maggo fast but)

obsessives Arcade!
fun interactive arcade games
inc. alas i expect gamboling
legion recruit shooting zone
legion recruit avionic combat
legion recruit tank battle sim
legion recruit war-drive truck
legion recruit saucer zap
legion recruit sniper
legion recruit test your strength power!
(hmmm pattern there watchout!)
and others who can edge in past the legion.
inc. mad virgin bull rider
waka zonk (dumb ass hit a padded goon for bell and points etc)
fuk a droid chick (where allowed)
use internet

Eco-Ranger Druid-Hall
enter the mysterious world of the eco-druid rangers and how they worship nature promote nature and keep the park nature friendly and recycle it all.
no vollenteers, all paid positions, hopefully accepting transfer bod.

fireing range.
buy the ammo and use a
chained-to-table gun on the underground range and with us ; earth-walled fireing-range target-end, sand-bags at shooters'-end plus bullit-proof shielding and fireing port. ear defenders required. cctv manat=policia relayed security.
inc. heaps of side arms and rifles. big stress release for guys. anger management.
massive range sniper rifle area, long long tunnel.
used by legion too! (they get free ammo! dont fall for it huh?)

dogging site.
has dogging site for evenings and night use by the dogging community.
ie the car-park.

plant a tree or bush area.
like it says, collective group come allong and plant trees poject.

bird boxes and bat boxes and bee boxes and insectoid timber habitats and the such like. good eco going there.
plus eco-community farm
oink oinks and other animals for visit and patt and feed time and fun.


Eco-Habitats - how to

Eco-habitat space.

needs apple-trees, pond and released flappys, swimmies and hoppies...

and crawlies, insects are important here.
these also means some old wood for them,

herb bushes can be added too.
can add nice smell! thats clever.

pond needs safety rail and signs. it its hollow alluminium it would float not sink for reclaiming.
ah now you can dig a tunnel beginning of a burrow or two.
and bee box, bird box, bat box, ahh....etc.

if you mark the direct paths for humans then humans will use them. says the high druid. think union jack or buddha's wheel. subject to drainage and mire.

can grow grass turf on top of roofs and use solar and wind turbine power.
these can be located in places near streams - water supply - that are too damp for anything else.

floaters could have open hole to sea under trick; plus filled but lighter than water things (ie not hollow) also ie anything that floats.

food waste: really a composter! with tiger worms!!
paper and tin recycle bins instead of just one for all type!!
plastic one too. lots of bins together, but good for recycle and can be color coded for ease of location and find auto-function of minds.

should be free access, with some pay to enter entertainments, and refreshments, gift shops, fab sodominaz show and hire joint, happy boozer garden and cctv (solar)... free museum of the place...paid tour though... maybe eco farm oinks - feel free to feed it doesnt matter!
cigs porn shop, as fincancier options, plus sponsor, and advertizements in some cultures. well maybe some adds too for awareness in other cultures as well.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Euro-Korps ; Corps Europeen; eurocorps

Euro Korps.

"Military [Terrain] – Access Stopped. In the neighbourhood of Aubert de Vincelles, in a suburb south [-east] of Strasbourg, the sign in a large, open field leads to a large building enshrouded in fog. But there are no officers here lacing up their boots, nor strapping soldiers climbing nets or steep walls.

My disappointment quickly subsides upon meeting a non-commissioned officer at the reception desk; he speaks to me in heavily-accented French. I give his coat of arms the once-over; he’s Spanish, and I will be meeting a German, a Frenchman and a Belgian later on. Welcome to the headquarters of Eurocorps, or the ‘European guards’. About 1, 000 soldiers wear uniforms from their countries of origin, but all sport the same beret and use English as their lingua franca.

The troops were rounded up some months ago in order to celebrate fifteen years of these headquarters."... link.

EuroKorps Wiki data.
"Eurocorps comprises approximately 1,000 soldiers stationed in Strasbourg and up to 60,000 troops pledged for deployment in EU or NATO rapid-response missions.[2] The nucleus of the force is the Franco-German Brigade established in 1987."

The Brigade participated in peacekeeping missions in Bosnia
and led
KFOR III in Kosovo from 18 April 2000 to October 2000
and led the
ISAF6 Force in Afghanistan from 9 August, 2004 to 11 February 2005.[7]
From 1 July 2006, to 10 January 2007, HQ Eurocorps was the land component stand by element of the
NATO Response Force 7."

Mek/Armor units. (mobile/armored troop). that prob means either not both.
there are such things as non-mech infantry still in some countries... not usually using donkeys as pack-carriers either yet. (dont mention droids)

The defence of europe, eurocorps. data collection.
Eurocorps website (continues transferring data type of site). so close it if your computer slows down when trying to watch porn or youtube.
independant of the EU, joint nations command..

Dogging Zone! public sex meet ups fotos

more dogging zone public sex meet-ups , well meat-ups ha har!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Military Simulation Training-Practice-PVP

Military & Civilian simulation.

aircraft simulator.
one guy learnt to fly sitting in front of a computer! documentary took him to a flight school, with trainer co-pilot, and let him take off and fly and approach... gold star. (the landing was done by the trainer co-pilot rules is rules, its the most dangerous part, but...they reckon he could have done it). tech tech, not bad first time in a cockpit!

not sure why they make it so difficult.

boeing flight sim pod...jokers. 7:45

The story concerned a fictional aide in Richard Nixon's administration, who, when Nixon took over government in 1969, fed all the data held by the US pertaining to both nations into a computer model — population, gross national product, relative military strength, manufacturing capacity, numbers of tanks, aircraft and the like. The aide then asked the question of the model, "When will we win?" Apparently the computer replied, "You won in 1964!"[47]"

google earth flight sim. unsteady flyer, fail. chuck flyer. cgi
reconstruction: Flight 11 WTC impact, cockpit view...!! 24 sec. cgi

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Battle Zone (war games)

welcome to the battle zone!
top secret facility some where on planet somewhere.
(zabzab B i reckon)

well war is hell, sure sure.
look bud, you know where the maniac zone is. (all else fails we all end up in it like the hot head psychos).

peace and prosperity!
soo obviously to advanced civilizations (i did say civil-izations) its makes to have war as peace and prosperity!
or not at war ofcourse.

still a lot of cadavers to shift around. no good complaing over black ops black ops, as only the maniac zoners like warfare... they actually shoot each other that lot!
quick glimpse into the glatactic hard realities there...

besides have you seen how big space is?

civilian lazor quest. prototype info.
military versions will need helm-upperbody-arms-legs back anywhere-hit (suits), can hit own side, limited ammo of type subject to gun type and ammos reload inc. rapid-fire area-blast, sniper, sidearm, light grenade.. etc. (multi rocket launcer?)
(gun-knockout dependent on area hit - exit game or lie dead, toys auto-deactivated - for you that is. ememy can use them) can lie down, crouch run dive, judo, climb on in over under smash though real buildings/grounded spaceship hulk. also flares, light/sound grenades, emp, droid warriors/scouts/eye spy/martyr bombers/medic/pic-up. can seduce and fuck (chain-link rules). can use inviz-suits if likly to have them (so called inviz suits that is). Not much use to a chamelion spec those. might include darlick tank armor and ballistic shields as you progress.
paint ball. black cell special-ops (lava exp, sandstorm pro-tact, mrkl assass ish) play-list. atmospheric! ofcourse need long range paintball fire and therefore defence armor! (droid-computer tech impacted-power monitor and arms-knockout (therefore range of impact sensor build-in to armor).

subject to cheating. so have big pre-combat security checks your-side then impartial officials, and (substances are ok unless used-up supply logistic problem - in game command), plus droid-cctv record overview and monitor, inc. carry cam on tanks, hovers, zap bikes and saucers...etc. plus paint mines, rocket launcers, paint morters, drill walls, tunnelers; ya need some protection there.
and medic medic standby. (in-game and not in game but points-lives deducted for not in-game medic medic usage (if want them or not!!)).

UK UFO-report Govt Dept Closed (di55)

UK closes UFo log government department di-55 ('mi-55' or the mib)...

"The MOD has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrial life. However, in over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom.

The MOD has no specific capability for identifying the nature of such sightings. There is no Defence benefit in such investigation and it would be an inappropriate use of defence resources. Furthermore, responding to reported UFO sightings diverts MOD resources from tasks that are relevant to Defence.

Accordingly, and in order to make best use of Defence resources, we have decided that from the 1 December 2009 the dedicated UFO hotline answer-phone service and e-mail address will be withdrawn. MOD will no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them. The ongoing programme to release Departmental files on UFO matters to the National Archive will continue." - mi55. (authorized access)
Author: HQ Air Command
Owner: MOD
Date last updated: 1 Dec 09

china daily; after 50 uk shuts down ufo unit.
nick pope ufo-researcher (ex-mod di55) on closure of unit. guardian uk.:
When rumbled, the MoD press office implyied that the money saved (about £50,000 a year) would be spent on body armour in Afghanistan. I doubt it will be."
and... "about 5% remained unexplained. These included instances where UFOs were seen by police officers and pilots, or tracked on radar. Having worked on the UFO project from 1991 to 1994, I am very sorry to see the MoD disengage in this way."...
uk poli meets in-afghan-medics.
afghan link.
soo the guy in the ufo office has been transfered to other duties...
probably took the alien artifax with him as a momento...

The Queen of the Antaries and the horse thing...

personnally i think she is a socialist, which is good news.

here's looking to another 1000 years of war (the things i do for the antarian people)

whats even funnier though, and they know it, its that its all true.

crazy sex toons. day in the life of antarie queen...

w/c the chain-link.
(now the earthlings have see it too and know - our fault though)

earthlings are safe.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Draft the Dead! Not as sick as War. Medic Medic !

Draft the Dead !

no where near as sick as war is anyhow!

medic shortage, and practice on cadavar-corpses is important practice... learn on the dead, not the living. well then some free practice live ones for free thing deal.
win win.

well there are thousands of corpses from Road Fatalites every year, the biggest killer of humans.
(UK 2,946 in 2007 from 3,172 in 2006; Australia In 2007, road crashes killed 1,616)

so these dumb-ass should be drafted for military service, even given their own unit thing. uniform, and get a free military burial then as have well, been drafted for use! makes sence. Automatic.

stastistics UK. 1967-2007 drastic reduction of road dead - good news!
bad news: its around 3000 a year. line graph.
Media Release Australia road dead 1981-2007. bar chart.

1000 years of War !

1000 years of war and counting makes some people happy.

with the suggested pull out of afghanistam in 2014, there goes bushes 100 years of war. still an if though.

it never ceases to amaze me how much they spend on war that lot. like $100 billion a year, sure sure...

100 years of war? they need more medics and were thinking of conscripting-drafting medical students even!
They would need and do need more army Medic training centres, and places for medical training with people for the vast increase in medics the Military Machine needs.

real life training, and can use cadavers too, the jane does of the car accidents for the military. people need to be more health and safety aware, but even so most deaths are caused by driving cars... thousands of them a year, which i hope is a sobering thought there. still, that said, its a lot of cadavers for the army medics and surgens to practice upon, right?

they could test weapon on them too.
what do you think antar?
hmm he doesnt do much thinking....race ya to the mess hall....subject to safety considerations that is...

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Olympic Swimmer Nude. yay! Laure Manaudou FR

some fab picture-fotos of olympic swimmer 2004 athens gold medal winner Laure Manaudou of France. (400m freestyle) also a heap of other medals.


her ex-italian boyfriend denies any involvement (apart from putting his cock into her mouth that is)

Legion Volcano; Masters of Ecconomic Demolition

I allways thought Volcano legion should be the most feared of all alien units, especially by a plutocracy-aristocracy, that is, a prude-ocracy or frigid-ocracy.
a prudeocracy is a plutocracy.
and abd means slave, as ianna dianna reminds us.

just as a prude is a psychopath against human adult uncareing of other peoples' sexual needs, so the enslaved of capitalism are psychopaths, uncareing of other peoples' work or wages needs.
yet it is this very psychopathic enslavement that is their captor and greatest weakness.

grab the diana of gold and grab them all. then the magic of the volcano goddess is seen; all that they considered evil is now of the highesst good, and other alchemy impossibles such as the highest and obvious good becomes the odious and vile of evils! magic wands can be waved after all, o ye of little faith... and miricles given.
reason and logic are sacrified on the alter of the golden calf.

or in the words of weisshapt's illuminati (a christian term btw), 'if you have them by the balls then their hearts and minds will follow'.

ultimatly if needed, any renagade planet can be returned to lucidity of biological harmony.

its not that psychopaths have a choice, they are enlaved. find the slaver.
ploughs into 1441 guns.

'offensive' prude slain. knox vibrator case. italia.
Rich List Drug-Baron capitalist gets 13 years uk.

hall inside the human relic

inside the pyramid memorial.

one of the stair wells and halls, which could go down wards somewhat.

ah well, each area could have a wing or tunnel.

subject to politik, perspective, and change.

painted carvings endure well.

press button A.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Humanitys' Memorial (a standby)

sealed within a dark cavern?

the memorial of an extinct people.

(and a standby for others).

dark grim, and interactive
a house of the dead...

inside the memorial reads
'elan himself made for all the universe as a living memorial. if you can read this you are a part of it, and even if you cant'

it looks bad if others have to build it after them.
'they themselves, whom this memorial remembers, could not be bothered building it'

other gunk. perhaps an inscription, one of many inside.

Cunt Flaps Cream ! good good! funny news gunk

hot hot.

good picture.

News Chechnya war. eng. ianna
other lang. also ianna
AFP. ianna too.
the newspaper wrote:

"Afghan (puppet) officials cut the police force in Kunduz by a third two years ago and again earlier this year. Security was left to a few thousand German peacekeepers. Only one Afghan logistics battalion of Afghan (puppet) army was stationed in the province.

But over the last two years the Taliban have steadily staged a resurgence in Kunduz. In November, residents listened to air raids by NATO forces for five consecutive nights, the first heavy fighting since the beginning of war eight years ago.

Kunduz became a battlefield with the opening of a new logistics route here for NATO supplies from Russia and Central Asia, over an American-financed "bridge" that opened in 2007. The route is supposed to serve as a strategic alternative to the treacherous passage through Pakistan, which is regularly attacked by Taliban insurgents.

The Taliban have re-emerged in Kunduz with such force that during the "presidential election" in August, (Karzai's) police officers were fending off attacks on the outskirts of the city of Kunduz, and insurgents were poised to overrun the center, officials said.

"The Taliban were at the door of the city; the people thought the (Karzai) government was at an end," said a senior security (Karzai) official, who asked not to be named because of the nature of his work.

A district like Khanabad, with a population of 350,000, has just 80 police officers now, the (puppet) governor of Kunduz, Muhammad Omar, said in an interview. In the district of Chahardara, where hundreds of insurgents are at large, there are only 56 police officers, enough only to guard the district center and the main road.

"It deteriorated suddenly," the (puppet) governor said."

'we must fail and loose for our richer masters! so lets do it!'

So why am i preggo? I only wanted the status and money?
gifted by gods!
ok switz un-neutralized by presiding over EU court trap.
ganged up on by EU UN and Turkey. oh noz, trap trap, kill kill or eaten!

UK former PM blair lied over WMD. ok then, thatz ok crime ya.
The written memo from the then Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, has now been unearthed and handed in to the Chilcot Inquiry into the war and will form a major part of the former Prime Minister’s cross questioning in the new year.

In April 2005, Mr Blair was asked on the BBC by Jeremy Paxman if he had seen confidential Foreign Office advice that the Iraq war was illegal.

Mr Blair replied: “No. I had the Attorney General’s advice to guide me.”

In reality, Lord Goldsmith had submitted a memo to 10 Downing Street in July 2002, explicitly warning Mr Blair that invading Iraq was a blatant breach of international law.

The memo was written eight months before the combined British and American invasion which not only killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, but also thousands of Allied soldiers.

In the letter, Lord Goldsmith responded to a cabinet meeting of 23 July 2002 at which he had been present where attendees were told in confidence that the invasion of Iraq was going to proceed." oh no confusingkz.

Climate Change data info thrown away quick ahead of summit for cash bung.
It was for love not the munee she-mugga saidz, ork ork!!...

when she is uncouncious she does everyone spunk up cunt ya knowz?

OrK Ork ! dat funnee! Legion

quick guide to ork psychology
dat important
ork win ork loyal ork win

ork very happy you chooze to be seen against them
is natural, understandable, and true (capitalists imperialist)
if you chose to be seen as the friends of ork ork they would need to explain to other ork ork why this is... (unless you are the NSPCC or Child Protection Officers that is)...
'hostile' is ok , but allied? needs explain why! so they happy.
not PC, they are not btw.

if in doubt be hostile - much less problems for ork culture dat way.
hostile hostile (not prob)
why not hostile hostile? ahah! insight!
(suspicous = bribe bribe traiter ot ork ork?)

we are at: Peace. Good.
peace is not a problem
(not even to our green comrades). saves trouble.
more time for eat eat fuk fuk, which after all is the will of elan...
a wisdom of babes to be understood in its great truth...

ork ork is their laughter. you funny words say. no wonder prob.
the green signs on the gential protect box of the males is an erect phallus that is penis or cok ready to rape your women and sexually fertile youth... (in the event you wanted to know that) for their sexual verility status... and impregnate you women with their seed (you get the idea you lot do at least.)

innotive: as for the ork women, you can fuk them, take turns! win or loose, makes no difference. (and you have no choice in the matter). They will take bung measure not to be impregnated except by the Heros of orkdom who ..sign..beat them in combat... but are sexually available as is their high honor as adult women ork ork. (to be or choose the child way is not allowed unless child check check).
good for making turn over assimilators all breeds (they mean species includeing human ofcourse as found of elans gift if if need be).

of combat methods.
aryan armor shield wall
arab recept, take time, evaluate, ware down.
the ork conquered the blue (in question) as the blue of those mage who stayed in that local allowed them to and welcomed their conquerers... though alas it took time to liberate the ork invaders (ones who where) from captivity of the defeated blue mages, but this was eventually done as all comrades together! good good

other news: differing methods.

"This operation was prepared and executed along with other acts of sabotage... against a set of strategically important sites in Russia, on the orders of Caucasus Emir Dokku Umarov," said the statement on the website

Umarov is the self-proclaimed leader of the "Caucasus Emirate".

The organisation has sought to unite various Islamist groups in Russia's North Caucasus and establish Islamic Sharia rule in the region.

Friday's bombing killed 27 people and injured around 100 more passengers on the Nevsky Express, an upscale passenger train running from Moscow to Saint Petersburg popular with well-off Russians.

The statement on, a website that has previously been used as a mouthpiece for Chechen rebels, said the train "was mainly used by the ruling bureaucrats of Russia".

At least two government officials were killed in the train bombing.

Russia's Investigative Committee chief Alexander Bastrykin was injured by a remote-controlled bomb blast when he arrived at the scene the next day.

There was no immediate way to verify the claim of responsibility.

Chechen rebels have previously issued other claims that turned out to be bogus. [but]

such is the glorious an most excellently motivated warriors the ork ork. Moral loss is zero as they go bizzerk instead (and eat the enemy). this makes them unsuitable for olympic pretend-fight sports as they and the crowd of ork only understand war [they support enemy hostile, attack them they loose!], support ork ork, or lose win battle. you think sport, they think war. you think boxing they think cage combat (at your best thinking, more like eat). not pretend warriors. would be disqualified by suviors (thus exluding the ref) anyways. good warriors, bad limitations entertainmenters (actor actor). would do well at weightlifting if allowed to.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

holocaust memorial sign ! free use

One useful holocaust memorial sign to point the way to the site.

with complements of Anat.

free use,
if any want to use it.

'science (and maths) our side'.

So What? day 27th Jan, cremation of care !

So what? day is the 27th of January, some way off yet.

oh do remember the cremation of care as if the sane could...
so i suppose then the insane will not do so.
or was this too much for them to comprehend without help and the usual medical treatment?

-Baal's Matador. thats of and belonging to for the slow acting medicated...

what gives, who wins?
science or the anti-science?
none-theory that is (as errors are fine with them).

Post America, Post Israel. (zurvan)

But some is not all.

EL is the enemy of humanity.
like it says...

and seeks to destroy humans
like it says...

in the aftermath..

arises like a phoenix,
a new beginning!.

a new destiny.

(which word was difficult?)

New System Seeding - Protocol

[not translatable]

system seeding protocol
and bio-research tech ethics of elans will and diveristy.

c planet seeding. eg:

"... Life cannot have had a random beginning ... The trouble is that there are about two thousand enzymes, and the chance of obtaining them all in a random trial is only one part in 10 to the power of 40,000, an outrageously small probability that could not be faced even if the whole universe consisted of organic soup. If one is not prejudiced either by social beliefs or by a scientific training into the conviction that life originated on the Earth, this simple calculation wipes the idea entirely out of court ..." (Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, Evolution from Space)

"The chance that useful DNA molecules would develop without a Designer are apparently zero. Then let me conclude by asking which came first - the DNA (which is essential for the synthesis of proteins) or the protein enzyme (DNA-polymerase) without which DNA synthesis is nil? ... there is virtually no chance that chemical 'letters' would spontaneously produce coherent DNA and protein 'words.'" (George Howe, expert in biology sciences)"

not god, elan himself.

How comets might seed planets. and there for might have...
after the comets, others chose to?.,,
metacognition. data info. rat.
deuter, temple of gods, music.

"seed a planet, and then my comrades, when by the tears of our people you report life, we shall cry, but hold our dignity, and you shall report on that life you find, those siblings you have found. and some, some they shall find those who will speak with us ; that is the greatest wonder, of elan who gave to us all order from energy and brought order from chaos in the primordial time."
"~and ONLY, IF
...we become the highest emobiment of... SOCIALIST thought and being... else falls to others to be US we could not be and to replace us with our help and gratitude..."
then again (ofcourse) tandam with deuter maybe.... the replay without jumping.
music enya. rivers sing. for unto us has come salvation.

Beware of the Ice Maiden! oh no!

Ice is freeze and bad
ice kills
slipply and thin and evil therein.

work of the ice maiden, who at this time of season of the sun cycle, has afflicted the northern lands of earth with her dubious charms and magic spell.

the figure in the ice who leads men to their death or enslavement, and so too women turned back into strange girls...

beware beware the goddess with icey stare... and her mask of kindness.

general wisdom, warning over cold climate, sister or daughter or slave or form of ianna diana the evil one.

update: some of her male slaves (and a few female ones) are rescued to liberty and freedom by Tulaa the sex goddess venus... but the Ice Maiden herself is only slain by the Sun God or his HERO champions, who melts her... in this is either her redeption from her former self, or her anhilation, depending on the myth and form she takes. but ianna lurks still in the background to send other such another day. universal mythos more or less (unless you are a polar bear) or else in the hot equator zone afflicted by ianna's spell on the sun god to turn him evil..for her for a time. after which he awakes from her spell and punishes her in the cold lands by melting her minions. (some say cooks them; thats enough of that direction bod)

an upgrade is an upgrade. it doesnt matter where it comes from?

hay, Earthlings Grow Meat in a Lab! Well done!

Tech update.

diversion introduction to strange topics:
"A boffin at the Bulgarian national Space Research Institute has stated that not only are aliens living among us, but that they object strongly to "immoral behaviour" by humanity - [defined as] such as causing global warming. "Unnatural" acts such as use of cosmetics and "artificial insemination" are also frowned upon by the extraterrestrial visitors.
dont look at me.

and that the extraterrestrials are "conducting surveillance" and - chillingly - "research" on humanity.

“They are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time. They are not hostile towards us; rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them," said the Bulgarian boffin, according to Sofia news agency

echos my views there that alien did.

Filipov stated that the alien spies in our midst have other objections to our lifestyle, too.

"They are very skeptical of our use of cosmetics, and artificial insemination because this is unnatural," he reportedly said.

There was no word on the aliens' views on gang-probing of humans abducted as part of their "research" programme..." Link. ReG.

Space Techi resigns over attempts to contact the fucking antarian battle fleet.:

A pair of noted space thinkers have resigned from an international body in protest at plans to send out powerful radio signals to alien civilisations. The two men feel that the risks of contact with extraterrestrials - who would need to be much more technologically advanced than humanity in order to visit us - have not been adequately considered.

The signalling that lies behind the concern is so-called "active SETI" (SETI meaning the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)....

As one might expect of the human race, there isn't any coherent global international policy on active SETI. [chaos capitalism] Essentially, anyone who can afford the kit can merrily beam out any signal they feel like [which might be considered favourable QED?]

"It is just as unscientific to impute to remote intelligences wisdom and serenity as it is to impute to them irrational and murderous impulses. We must be prepared for either possibility ..."
[if they can get 'here' they are ok, advanced in science,tech application and aged with wisdom of the universe etc etc. unless its the antarians ofcourse in which case i hope you like eating prawns and marching into spaceships singing 'obedience is our virtue']
some cultures dont throw away assets-aquisitions [then] or scientific research into bio-diversity huh? not even the antarians. link reg.

Earthling scientists grow meat in a lab...

"Researchers from The Netherlands extracted myoblast cells from the muscle of a live pig; cells that in the right environment would grow into muscle in order to repair damage to tissue, and incubated them in a nutrient-based solution derived from the blood of animal foetuses. The result was what has been described as “a soggy form of pork” which, due to laboratory rules hasn’t been sampled for taste yet. Sufficient “exercising” of said product could however yield a tougher, steak-like consistency.

Professor of physiology at Eindhoven University Mark Post, lead scientist of the government-funded research, said “You could take the meat from one animal and create the volume of meat previously provided by a million animals. We need to find ways of improving it by training it and stretching it, but we will get there. This product will be good for the environment and will reduce animal suffering. If it [is made to] feels and tastes like meat, people will buy it.”

Aside from the obvious benefits of more effective global meat and dairy production, consumption of which is set to double by 2050, the moral benefits have been acknowledged by vegetarians who agree that they have no ethical objection to the procedure, though some still query its potential. A Vegetarian Society spokesperson argues “The big question is how could you guarantee you were eating artificial flesh rather than flesh from an animal that had been slaughtered. It would be very difficult to label and identify in a way that people would trust.” [try govt administration zone official labels and task force check arrest-ie relay to court]

Green Eco!

In addition, the ability to produce meat in a laboratory would yield environmental benefits. With 18% of the world’s greenhouse gases produced by livestock, any reduction would have a significant impact on our collective carbon footprint.

Link here. have a click.
you dont have to be a genius to see where this will lead, or maybe you do?
Well done humans. a bit of metaphysical latitude later and hay presto!
one day.. far far away.

ps relax
the antarian battle groups are no where near sol system! space is big big and bigger. your a needle in a haystack preaching adolf hitler and updates [that means you know what you are doing, lets hope they dont find out you fucked up]. and beetles music. thats fucked up. its 20 light years to the edge of your known space even (orion arm minor location that is). thats on your arm of the X swasti galaxy and dwarf galaxy egg. There are many many others too! and you are pritty secure on your home turf, like the sol system. its space, its the will of the elan.
"that greater plan, my comrades, illumiates a sacred ideal to us, a common destiny, that is there as a scared ideal to be unlocked by all species in the multi-verse..." thant means even the fkn antarians too dunnit?
music. enya. rivers sing.

Monday, 30 November 2009

who is wearing your old telly or computer?

Maybe an olympic medal winner is wearing or going to be wearing your old computer or the old telly you threw away. neat huh?

they sometimes get recycled.

like at Vancover Canada 2010 winter olympics.

see end of earlier post 'boycott olympics' for links.

the medals can reach a hefty heap on ebay for any needed the cash. like many.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Diversity SweepStake Olympics! get one here!

happy diversity sweepstate:
click foto-picture for big, download and save.
then print.
free use
have happy olympic sweepstake for diversity...

worth a quid a write in.
only one write in per line across.

if wins gold the winner gets stake plus two others
you see.

do in order give tik to winner.

with thanks to the kaiser wilheim institute for an.. forget it.

womens beach volleyball

beach volley ball
dexterous energy jumping, hand eye coordination yet slower than ping pong table tennis, more strength needed.
hmm enter the whiteys!

only put beach volleyball in for the crowd pleasing chicks in skimpies (oh no hide it from Vogue quick!! ha haar)

bejing olympics 2008 china.

Olympics Table-Tennis sino 2008

Womens team, table tennis, bejing china olympics 2008.

this dexterous hand-eye coordination sport, ping pong, is dominated by sino antropological types.

ping pong, table tennis leaque, summer olympics 2008.

nude celeb Rihanna

nude celeb Rihanna looking fab.

its very much the modern vogue to put nude pic-fotos on the web..modern vogue that is, not the oldie traditionalist puritan magazeen by that name.

naturalism and nature may yet wet - and yes because it is sex, dispite those hostile to adult sex like...maybe they should be put on trial?

Rihanna suffers from psychiatric-celebraty-Syndrome ie prone to violent-ward violent-criminal offences, and is a negress that is a negro female who are none as a species towards such behavioiur anyway, though being a celeb-aristo really unhinges many folk.
As for just-not-in Vogue, its Frigid.

mastery of the dark mind grasshopper!

Rihanna celeb nude pictures-fotos type of site.
so where is the sex tape then if sheza celeb?

some rats swim and some rats climb... Olympics & Race realities

some rats swim, some rats dont.
they climb and jump instead...

such is rats.

its a biological thing. like species and varients there-in ;like race.

oh the beijing 2008 refers to the olympics by the way humans. this is so you can try to understand the concept : olymp it is difficult idea for mice and cockroaches and... the like. I doubt bacteria understands it too well either
The swimmers are white aryan. In this they are not negro or sino or jews semites, but it probably went over your heads as being too mentally challenging. I would not have expected bacteria or mice or cockroaches to have understood.

.soo what ever you try to do, dont save pictues under the scientific anthropological term race, as some cultures are hostile to science. like prude ones..