Sunday, 22 November 2009

Best God of Long Life is JuroJin 寿老人 japan, shinto 7

And the sorcery awards for the Best God of long life goes too...


JuroJin Japan Nippon of the lucky 7 gods of shinto!

well done JuroJin!

have a worship.

if you would just grovel before this image a moment thankyou!

now other gods be nice, no one likes tantrums and bad losers..

introducing his lucky team :
data gunki:
More About Japan's Seven Gods of Luck

In Japanese folklore the Shichifukujin are the seven gods of wealth, happiness and longevity. These famous gods (six male and one female) are frequently seen together in Japanese art, often in a boat sailing the seas of fortune. However, the individual gods actually hail from a variety of religious faiths including Buddhism and Taoism as well as Japan's native religion of Shinto. The gods are:

Ebisu - Ebisu is Japan's god of fisherman and the morning sun. Ebisu is also sometimes regarded as the protector of small children, a role he shares with the Buddhist deity Jizo. Ebisu is also the only member of the Shichifukujin seven who is of Japanese origin.

Daikokuten - Daikoku is the god of wealth, food and worldly success; and statues of this happy deity have for centuries been common fixtures of Japanese homes, particularly kitchens. Daikoku is also reputed to be Ebisu's father.

Fukurokujin - Originating in Chinese Taoism this god is the symbol of wealth, happiness and longevity and is usually seen carrying a long staff or cane.

Hoteison - A plump Zen Buddhist monk from China, usually seen with a bag in one hand and a fan in the other.

Jurojin - The Taoist god of long life. This god is also usually seen carrying a staff in his hand.

Benzaiten - The only female of the bunch. This goddess is from India and is the patron of music and culture. She is usually seen carrying an old fashioned Japanese biwa (a type of lute).

Bishamonten - The warrior of the bunch. This god is originally from India and is charged with protecting people and their treasure. Bishamonten is usually depicted wearing armor.

youtube guy with statue of some god.
Japanese mythology.

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