Monday, 23 November 2009

Bab & Baha'i ullah relics

some of the relics and shrines of the Bab (the gate), and Baha'i ullah (Glory of God).

Shrine of the Bab, on Mt.Carmel of the Bible OT, Haifa (south of Lebnaan).
The Babs remains were later dug up and taken here and enshrined there-in. A great place of pilgramage for Baha'is, and Bayan babs 'azali'..

Baha'i ullah tamed and continued the social and religious reforms of the Bab, adopting the way of peace and provision.

inside the shrine of Baha'i ullah. which is the room of the passing of Baha'i ullah to what ever it is. He penned a sucessor, so allowing 100 years of sucessers, his son and grandson. He is considered a Manifestation of God, of which there have been many though history, and will be others in the future times.

baha ullah, life of, wiki data.
Prophetess Tahirih the failed female femminist of persia. spoke of both the Bab and Baha ullah, discounting them for not obeying her will... perpetuates the anti-scientifc myth of existant patriarchy - a misonomer for nature and her failure to accept it.
common iannic error, and blaim for ultimatly their own forsaking of non whore sexual womanhood. Its a biological thing. They were the cause of their own damnation, that cause rediscoverd! The West caught up over 160 years...later.
It is the same curse afflicting the Zoroastrians, as it had and so they fell.. to others. O huntress of Nations, who gains? historic pictures of the life of Baha' ullah.
some things are sacred, i think? yess? Baha ullah at least, came to, reject the violent approach... and so became a 'Manifestation of God'. That is, of the Divine.
In that is an enlightenment!

just a note over the name baha and bahai. the former is the earlier incarnation, the latter was later adopeted. Baha and bahaism were still in use with Slave of Baha; Abdul Baha 1st sucessor to Baha ullah... technically interchangeable terms.

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