Monday, 2 November 2009

Arabian Goddesses, Icon Allat, al Uzza, Manat

Three top arabian goddesses, from right to left:
Allat, al Uzza and the third Manat.

an interpretation, modern.

allat, 'the Goddess', goddess of hell, underworld, she camel.
general mother goddess/demoness.

Al Uzza, 'the Mightyist', the arabian Venus, Aphrodite, Astarte. big in Mecca.
said she presided over orgies.
also associated with exotic dancing.

Manat, 'fate-hope', the warrior goddess/shield maiden. Goddess of Destiny.
Lady Luck, Fortuna, chance, predestination etc.
2 swords, 2 peices of chainmail, possibly her magical armour of distraction...

that my take. free use site this is so feel free.

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