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Battle of Uhud, amat uzzayan, hind bint utbah etc

the amat uzzayan, maids of uzza, (the arabian venus goddess) danced on the hills to encourage the pagan army of mecca. this is the fun bit usually skipped over!

and they offered sex to the pagan army if they won!
"for we are the maids of Uzza from mecca" ran there chant.

(if they lost they would be had by the moslems).

the pagan army won.

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history gunk:

shield maiden of Mohammed. Nusaybah bint Kaab. she fought at Uhud, protecting him when was injured. (saved his life from archers, usually overlooked ofcourse).

maid of uzza and prostitute wife of pagan commander Abu Sufyan, the infamous Hind bint Utbah. 'a princess of mecca' - born high up.
scholars say that she became pregnant from Abu Sufyan out of wedlock and Abu Sufyan was bribed to marry her."
"In relation to the birth of Muawiya, four men were viewed to have been his father Umar ibn Walid, Musafir Abu Umar, Abu Sufyan and another fourth individual. Hind was a prostitute and had sex with black men"
"She was the mother of Muawiya I, the founder of the Umayyad dynasty, and of Ramlah bint Abi-Sufyan, who was one of Muhammad's wives." (affording her daughter protection from being possible war booty, done 2 years before the battle of Uhud - arab politics. usually spies too, sometimes assassins).
Battle of Uhud.
"At the Battle of Uhud, Hind and her women sang and danced, urging on their warriors. The Muslims were forced to flee and, according to Ibn Ishaq, Hind and the others mutilated the Muslim corpses, making garlands of ears and noses. According to Ibn Ishaq, after the battle, Hind cut open the body of Muhammad's uncle Hamza, whom she believed responsible for the death of her relatives, cut out his liver, and gnawed on it. According to Ibn Ishaq, she couldn't swallow it and spat it out. Ibn ‘Abdu l-Barr states in his book "al-Istī‘āb" that she cooked Hamza's liver before eating it. This report has been widely copied by Muslim historians. However, neither Watt nor Madelung mention it."
after the later fall of Mecca 630, Hind became a compaion of the Prophet!
"In the earlier Sunni reference Istīʻāb fī Maʻrifat al-Aṣḥāb, Islamic scholar Yūsuf ibn ʻAbd Allāh Ibn ʻAbd al-Barr (d. 1071) lists summaries for the biographies of the Sahaba, and Hind is indeed mentioned as one of Muhammad's Sahaba." like her husband Abu Sufyan they became high profile converts to islam... mohammed later told her moslem women dont commit adultery.
(its doubtfull she kept getting preggo from black men and killing the babies, as mohammed didnt mention this, but did tell her to stop stealing and commiting adultery).
its very hard tracking down the juicey hadith, but information is taken from them and they do exist (amongst 750,000 hadith).

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