Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Climate Changes... ! it does. Wave patten

climate changes.

it does upon a wave pattern over various time scales: short, medium and long.

ok the short one over 2000 years; as you can see it was hotter in 800-1000 ce/ad.

Medium rage, can see the drift to hotter, but are not yet quite as hot as it was 150 (000) years (ago as allocated and demarked in that system). the pattern is more important than the speculative time allocated as demarcations.
But has a trend there towards hotter.


long range. This would astonish you.
ok earth variates over 25 C with a mid range of 12 c, in a wave over times.


There are cold dips , mid levels, and high peaks.


so yes its getting warmmer baba and its going to get a heap big lot warmer too bod.
but thats natural and normal! its a very consistant wave that is repeating, ad nauseum yet again..

Lets say then your global earth ave temp is 18 c. thats just up from the cold dip!
say cold dip is 14 c. Then ... at mid level you will gain...(12-4=8) eight + degrees C. thakes ages.

And at high peak long off will gain from now 18 c ave earth temp, a plus...21 c !!!
Thats hot! might be ,moveing north towards the poles!

then again siberia and alaska are -30c in winter so that would only make them -9 c which is still too cold for most folk... after this peak comes the down turn in temp again as many many times before.

so dont panic. your ancestors copes ok!

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