Thursday, 5 November 2009

Wave of Assassins

Wave of assassination strikes sweeps Western forces.

assassin Gulbuddin at large. afghan cop blasts away 5 brits soldiers at debrief, 6 wonded (plus 2 afghan).
The police officer opened fire with an automatic weapon on the group of British soldiers as they rested, having removed their body armour, at a checkpoint.

Three Grenadier Guards and two members of the Royal Military Police were shot dead. Six others were seriously wounded alongside two Afghans.

It is suspected that Gulbuddin, who fled the scene of the killing on a motorbike, is likely to have been smuggled out of the area along well established narcotics smuggling routes used by the Taliban."

another british defeat in afghanistan? habit forming.

assassin Major Malik Hasan killed, Texas USA.

"At least 12 people have been shot dead and 31 others wounded after a US soldier went on the rampage at a military base in Texas.

The suspect, named as Major Malik Nadal Hasan, was killed on site after opening fire at the massive Fort Hood complex in Killeen.

Major Hasan, who was armed with two handguns, was thought to be in his late 30s and was an army psychiatrist.

He was due to be sent to Iraq soon but had aired grievances about the planned deployment, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson told CNN.

Two other soldiers are being held as suspects following the mass shooting.

It took place at the Soldier Readiness Centre, where troops preparing for overseas deployment were getting last-minute medical checkups.

The two suspects were detained at a nearby building on the base.

Ten of the victims were troops, while a civilian police officer was also killed."


"A major study about assassination attempts in the US in the second half of the 20th century came to the conclusion that most prospective assassins spend copious amounts of time planning and preparing for their attempts. Assassinations are thus rarely a case of 'impulsive' action.[38]

However, about 25% of the actual attackers were found to be delusional, a figure that rose to 60% with 'near-lethal approachers' (people apprehended before reaching their target). This incidentally shows that while mental instability plays a role in many modern-age assassinations, the more delusional attackers are less likely to succeed in their attempt. The report also found that around two thirds of the attackers had previously been arrested for (not necessarily related) offenses, that around 44% had a history of serious depression, and that 39% had a history of substance abuse.[38]"

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