Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Prophet Saleh & Mada'in Salih (Petra state)

Prophet Saleh and Mada'in Saleh (also Salih).
100, 200 years bc (other bids welcome!)
200 years after the Prophet Hud!

(also sometime after Noah and the Flood...called Nuh in arabic)

Inscriptions (in nabataean old arabic) date back to an estimated 600 bc.

Madain Saleh is Near Ula in northern Arabia, and was part of the kingdom of Petra (petra is in Jordan these days, Madain is in saudi arabia).
The trail from Medina to Syria.

The cheif God of Madain was Dushara (as in Petra) and they worshipped al Uzza.
Dushara of the wine and festivities, Lord of the Mountain. They grew grapes and produce too.
Has still a series of jinni caves. good place for their lurid orgies!

Prophet Saleh had the camel run in with his people and an earthquake came...
(problem over water access for camels)

"O Saleh!" they said, "You have been among us a bearer of our hopes as we wished you to be our chief, till you brought this new thing of telling us to leave our gods and worship your God Alone! We are really in doubt as to that which you invite us to". (Hud 11:62) Quran.

O' Salih! you used to be a wise and logical man in this tribe and we thought
we could depend on your wisdom at the time of terrible events and calamities.
Now you are asking us to reject what our fathers used to worship. We shall thus
be quite dubious about what you are inviting us to. "
Salih : " You have to fear God. Accept my words and don't obey the immoderators..."

he was wasting his time. the saga.... magical-mythological account.!
(the she camel and young camel is a motive of Allat, symbol of camel milk).

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