Saturday, 7 November 2009

How to Get Laid (chicks) ! works!

how to get laid!

find a guy. easy.

1 lift up skirt/dress and show pussy bush!

Thats slutty. sluts get fucked though... can be taken sexually serious! or just taken.

gunk spin:
Say 'hi ya', smile, ' i'm a slut and i want you to fuck me'
'so lets go to a toilet cubicle and fuck'
'you can cum in my cunt if you want to'
'there is no such thing as rape,its a femminist myth' - in front of witnesses.
he like 'no way i'm getting grief over this. i think i'll risk fucking her!'
'i'm easy'
by now he knows that.

2 in cublible (or where ever).. have hug and kiss, let him play with your cunt and tits. open your legs, show pussy (scientifically sound).
thats him hot.

3 offer to suck his cock before he fucks you. gets you even wetter..
'I will suck your cock before you fuck my pussy, if you want me to (sir)' sir is kinky and weird though...
cock in mouth suck suck. (if dirty take him to soap, put penis in warm water) shouldnt be needed.

4 be willing. very unlikely he would say ' i wanna fuck you in the ass you hot chick'.
if he does (maybe 10%) smile, turn around, and sign. he could be a useful fuck buddy during constipatiom/pms... make note. tell him if you feel yourself going to shit. after he cum, take him to the soap...

5 have natural fuck, no condoms, let him cum up you hot wet pussy. thats normal sex or natural sex, or science biology human adult sex. anything else is deviation.
(cervex cap and spermicide cream! will protect you and him. mini pill extra if you want it.)

so he's just fucked you, cum up your cunt. hold on to him and keep him up you.. more fun... have kiss hug too.
remember to swap a number, yours, write it on his belly or hand or give him your card. important! future contact!
say 'you can be my fuck buddy, lets meet up and fuck again, same time, same place, same day each week'.... and arrange other times too! like now!

if you keep his cock up you vagina after you fucked, he will probably fuck you again! neat trick!

if he asks remember you swallow cum.

now you need to find 3, 4 , 8 more such guys! more fuck buddies. happy collection.

(weird gunk: if he says 'i wanna fuck you' and you call him gay, he thinks you're a transvestite, not get fuck...:( . if you are underage, it shows in your behavior...sise, tit sise, hip size.. high noise level, excitablility, ...but guys your age think you are just sooo adult!.. other guys dont.)

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