Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Gods Soviet Religions-Humanists

Another commitee!

The Gods Soviet.

similar to Race & Gender in allocation.
such an idea would help give voice and representation in an official capacity of a wide catchment and referencing organisation.

sure some governments dont care. fuckem.

a bit of that which is rather than that which isnt but how you would wish it to be, excuse the juxtaposition if you can.
see, so much in common aftera all!

c WCC- World Council of Churches. nearly 400 churches inc. RC~, Ortha, Ang, Luth, Ref, Meth, Bap, DoC, Pent, presby
Vatican RC, Pontifical Council for promoting Christian Unity.
national council of churches Australia. inc regional councils.

i OIC - Organisation Islamic Conference. 56 nations.

a IHEU - International Humanist Ethical Union. atheo-agnostic. in 40 nations.

hindu forum uk.420 orgs. hindu council uk. 407 orgs.
hindu .net.
buddhist. USA.

inter - Interfaith news.
interfaith callender - holy days.

temple of silence, german. calm music.
Deuter, Garden of [wonder]. inspireing peaceful music.

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