Thursday, 19 November 2009

Slaves Prayer Positions (ianna)

O Slaves of Capitalism!
(you consider it freedom)
O Slaves of a Birther!
(you consider it normal)
O Slaves of a bought Wife or Husband
(you consider it free)
O Slaves of a Whore
(you consider it a service)
O Slaves of Allah
(you consider it)

a few curious prayer positions.
and possible origns thereof; perhaps a two-way thing.

slave positions, gorian mythos. bw.
slave positions, kink, color.

Qibla - Direction of Mecca finder. slaves of the universal point selves in such direction, thank you.

other gunk:
its extremely important (in some cultures) not to to mistake 1 non-slaves for slave, 2 slaves of others as being yours. 1 fatal take down (of slaver - some cultures pay a bounty), 2nd one kidnap or hijack slave-thief...stopped. (proxy limitation of any desire to do so and physical inability to give chase).(some cultures might pay a bounty; some slavers will). one up for the politie socieities!

could borrow for sex...usually, there and then only, but... not in the ianna zone really... (unless in chastity device). presume this: not yours (act as though you were not a thief!...bush up on acting?). of the not undercontrol impulse...ah,bod is the unworthy to be slaver! needs others... as slave - irony!
(also known as presentation of confused self as a slave to what ever slaver wishes to take).

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