Sunday, 15 November 2009

Safety Underground

why not restricted zone interconnect, underground?

big dont go in here signs.

Planetary Activationers.
Glactic humans. shift.
Music, temple of silence.

if going underground:
1 leave message with data-source where you going, when you back time estimate.
2 carry phone.
3 carry extra light. compass.

low rescue priority Restricted Zones.
should get a bung until night/weekend/national disaster over:
1 - medi pack with super glue for plasters, sterilizer cream/and anti bac
tannin pills, 10 - 1 a day, 3 rows of pain killers row 1 20 asprin-paracetamol
row 3 20 opiate, dangerous. will be checked for missing. row 2 inbetween.
hot spatuala blood-stopper cautorizer. reuse with emerge-dumb-ass-pack burner.
2 - nutri-slop ration pack. 'its good for you'... thats it. also energy pills.
3 - water. sometimes clipped to ration-pack.
4 - light oil lamp thing. auto lighter. filled, extra flint and striker/ plus matches.
has solar recharge lamp side- for out of doors rescue, and gyro handle for making elec lamp side work.
5 - dumb ass emergency pack!!! the best.
includes serveral two-to-a-bag bivvi bags, no iannas! bash bash. happy fuck. stove solid fuel burner for light and heat (use lamp after it gone or just to get it going). has z channel phone and turn handle to make electricity.... happy chat with droid. stew pot. nosh bowls/cups. compass. points south.
also has solar rechargeing...but thats for out of doors rescue.
inbuilt beepers - pack, phone, lamp. different signils.

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