Friday, 20 November 2009

EU presidenti place holder appointed, & eu high rep

EU el prededenti Herman Van Rompuy 'Rompy' appointed

in secret committee decadent canteen eating session with exotic expensive food things.

for british support of the belgium pm as el presso, the non euro zoners got the high rep foreign sec hiliary type of role who is also incharge of security!? rather like the strange american idea.

"The Prime Minister is known as Belgium's Mr Fixit for his low-key, patient work behind the scenes struggling to hold a fractious country together.

A fixture in Catholic and Christian Democratic politics for decades, he shuns the limelight, appears ascetic and austere and prefers to conduct his politics away from the public gaze."

..."He is a classicist and economist by education, an alumnus of Belgium's ancient Catholic University of Leuven, and is a committed European federalist, a position that suits the core and oldest EU member states, but raises many eyebrows among eastern Europeans, Scandinavians and, of course, the British.

He has led Belgium for less than a year. He was summoned last December by King Albert II to try to salvage the country amid speculation it might split apart due to tensions between Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north and Francophone Wallonia to the south.

''Herman did everything not to become Prime Minister,'' his wife, Geertrui Windels, told Humo magazine in August." article link.

interesting choice, especially for the hyper who expected an american, hype spin lies and charasmatic usa church leader type. ~Instead they got a hermit techno crat, low profile low key connector. after Belgium the EU will seem quite normal.

like the prophet mohammed he likes to go on religous retreat one day a month...possible in a cave in the desert too... beware of angel visitations!

possition held for 2.5 years.


other post, her imperial lowness slave of a god Baroness Cathrine Ashton is an appropriate choice for High Representative Foreign and security chief and overlord of the dipolomatic corps because High Rep is a Gob position and she is a woman who looks like she likes to talk a lot and seems friendly for a chat type.

not going to sexually bribe all that many though... maybe thats what the dipos are for?, looks sturdy enough to carry a few suitcases full of euro bung.

another article link.

non controversal duo unlikely to gibber of pretend WMDs bush flukies saw in the sky. brit newspapers weap the horrible possiblity of not being scandalised and outraged and instead subjected to boredom..

few more links.

safe but boreing - does the job. indip

guardian. quiet life.

French Michal Barnier given EU Internal Market Commissioner.

pitiful no cowboy barroom brawl then? FT wot about lord patton he's a piss-head?

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