Wednesday, 4 November 2009

inside the Kaaba hut, Mecca, Arabia

Inside the Kaaba hut, Mecca, Soudi Arabiya.

Kaaba the Hut!

opening the door of the Kaaba!

vid, inside Kaaba. (inside the kaaba a moslem may pray in any direction !)
Marble, with 3 pillars.
(used to be six as 3 were added by a Caliph long ago, but the extra 3 were removed. They hold up the roof).

In the left corner of the vid, is the 'box' with a door...
It is a stair case to the roof.
(there is a small crawl way of the roof with a trap door some say, opening onto the top of the Kaaba).

the old doors were made of wood, been replaced. Is covered by a drape which is a veil. A square kaaba has stood there for a long time... (legions say Adam first built one there, later Abraham-Ibrahim rebuilt it for concubine Hagar)... as it stands at the site of the underground ZamZam spring, an underground oasis.

Became a cult centre long ago.
was quite interesting in pagan times (jihilliyah)... as it had Genie marking inside and outside in red and a picture of abraham holding arrows of divination. Used as places of illicit sex.
The high door is above the flooding level, and mirrors the design of high doors of haven found at Midain and Petra etc.

veil is lifted during hajj, and females not to cover faces on hajj.

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