Sunday, 15 November 2009

Prince Ashtar Sheran InterGlacComm - a translation, links.

Prince Ashtar Sheran (not the ashtar) thinks he is Jesus Christ and turns up at Earth thinking its the Planet the 1950s.

picture is a quick translation of his message of Love, 'beloved planet Venus' - good one, and 'Love-Amor, Humity, Union and Service'.

long winded version.

July 18, 1952

Hail to you beings of Shan, I greet you in love and peace, my identity is Ashtar, commandant quadra sector, patrol station Schare, all projections, all waves. Greetings, through The Council of the Seven Lights,...[etc]"

August 15, 1952
'Among the scientific materials of this planet, Shan, are many minor scientists, who do not have the authority to change these opinions that have been disproved.'

' You in authority, of the governments of the planet Shan, think twice if you would have your loved ones with you.'
I'm sure THEY at least dont need to, your royal imperial iannic highness. one Comrade Dumb-Ass Award!

Or should be say: Prince ElesTronAntarRaAn.! the fiend unmasked!
'He was not originally known as Ashtar but in the frequency-resonance of ElesTron-Antar-Ra-An, and also as Gabri-An, Sherna, Sher-An, and finally as Ashtar, after the world upon which he attained his Ascended Mastery. Ashtar should not be regarded as a space god... but as an extremely highly evolved Son of God, a God Realized Being and Ascended Master.'

ElesTronAntarRaAn's address to the people of planet Shan....
'...and I am in charge of the Star Ship.'

so it turns out there is only one Star Ship in his amarda! ahah!

'It is a complex of instruments for the surveillance of the planet'
not very good are they. imperial made...

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