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Battle of Uhud primer platonic

The Meccan Army of Abu Sufyan could not wage war at Mecca as is was a holy city and city of peace - conflict had to be taken elsewhere.

The Moslems had migrated from Mecca to Medina where the Bakr family was prominant.

(Abu Bakr became the 1st Caliph successor of Mohammed after a vote; Aiysha bint Bakr daughter of Abu Bakr was a wife of the Prophet).

Medina was too protected for the pagan army so Sufyan raided the lands north in order to draw forth the Medina ruler (ie Mohammed).
this or the moslems would loose the support of the Medinan-Yathrib people.

The Islamic army mobalized and marched 5 miles to the mountain of Uhud, using it to protect their rear. This move would later save the prophets own life.

fearing the Meccans would use trickers and stratergy, Mohammed ordered his archers on a hill not to leave until he himself gave the all-clear!

Thus set up, the Moslems sent a raiding force to ambush the Meccan army to draw them - and lead them into the trap.

There was the usual rally of the troops on both sides and addresses to the enemy troops. "o people of Uzza! Oh people of Hubal!" began Sufyan to his own troops...and to the Moslem army he said "You have no Uzza!"
Mohammed responed saying they had Allah.

The maids of Uzza, amat uzzayan, of which Sufyans wife was one and a prostitute, began to sing and dance nude promising the pagan meccan army sex upon victory.
imagine naked bellydancers...

The Meccans came and to the delight of the muslims one calvery unit refused to fight the moslems! oh no! They just stayed there avoiding the archers and concerving strengh.

The Meccans were pushed back and retreated behind their encampment, leaving all their treasure open and available for looting - if anyone wanted it.

the battle 'won' the moslem archers ran down from the hill and joined in the looting.

Then disaster fell the moslem army. war weary, leading commander Hamza was assassinated by a slave-spear man who had been hiding behind a tree. Hamza's liver was removed and taken to the wife of Sufyan (who wanted revenge for the earlier battle of Badr where her male relatives were killed). as per agreement, the slave gained his freedom and her costly jewelry, making him a made man!

worse still the Meccan calvery circled round and took the archers' hill and the pagan army returned to the fight as the moslem ranks were in dissaray.

Mohammed was badly injured in the resulting mayhem and was forced to retreat up the mountain Jabal Uhud, though an easily defended crack in the rocks, and took relief in a cave. This cave is still visited by some Moslems.
but for Jabal Uhud he would have been killed (unless Allah saved him) and so he declaired he loved the mountian and the mountain loved moslems. .

Uhud, Moslem guide. youtube.
wiki data, battle of Uhud.
quick visual. scene of war place.
Nasheed, of Mohammed's battles. shows reconstructions! the two-spiked thing in the vid is the sword of Ali Taleb, greatest swordsman of arabia - huge following called shia or party of ali, 4th caliph , compaion of the prophet (mohammed in black turban - really dark green).

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