Sunday, 8 November 2009

Islam leader in Science and Maths!

Curious this one!
Magi-craft and sorcery!

Science florished(s) under islamic caliphate! ...especially Iran.

Science in medieval Islam, also known as Islamic science, is a term used in the history of science to refer to the science developed in the Islamic world between the 7th and 16th centuries, a period also known as the Islamic Golden Age. Scientists from the region were also known to develop many remedies that contributed much to the modern world of science.[1] Most texts during this period were written in Arabic, a lingua franca of this period; although most scientists were Muslims, they were of diverse ethnicity (a great portion were Persians,[2][3] alongside Arabs, Berbers, Moors and Turks), while some were also from other religious backgrounds (Christian, Jewish, Sabian, Zoroastrian and irreligious).[4][5]

Maths flurished(s) in Islamic Caliphates... especially Iran!
in the history of mathematics, mathematics in medieval Islam, sometimes termed Islamic mathematics, is the mathematics developed in the Islamic world between 622 and 1600, during what is known as the Islamic Golden Age. Islamic science and mathematics flourished under the Islamic caliphate (also known as the Islamic Empire [disambiguation needed]) established across the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, Sicily, the Iberian Peninsula, and in parts of France and the Indian subcontinent in the 8th century. The main centres of mathematical activity were in Iraq, Persia and Egypt, but at its greatest extent stretched from North Africa and Spain in the west to India in the east.[1]

While most scientists in this period were Muslims and wrote in Arabic, many of the best known contributors were Persians (iranians)[2][3] as well as Arabs, Berbers, Moors, Turks, and sometimes non-Muslims (Christian, Jewish, Sabian, Zoroastrian and irreligious).[4] Arabic was the dominant language—much like Latin in Medieval Europe, Arabic was the written lingua franca of most scholars throughout the Islamic world."

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