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Census data collect, Making Sence of society

Data Find; Data Collect!

making sence of the masses, from conjecture to reality.

The Census; how society is.

From Pharaoh's scribes and stock take of peoples grain baskets (bushels) into the community sorage vat, hebrew chronicalers of the tribes, To Roman Empire Census at the birth of Jesus, to the Doomsday book national stock-take (count) of the victorious Normans, and on wards to modern data collection of the population and inhabitants, the Cenus is a useful source of factual data relating to a society.

This allows demographers, who interpretate the data, (after statistitions check it and add it up right), to understand what is there, what is not, and the place of now as it relates to the past census and so the changes occuring...
and allows sorcerers and prophets of some type to predict the future trends...

The cult of Amon-Ra at on-heliopolis kept data on the Temple complex huge estates, orchards, herds of 1000s of cattle, craftwork places, guards and employess (most of the city). They also organised the year neatly into 12 months of 30 days (=360) plus 5 festival days of the change to a new year (=365). This was after their long study of the sun and solar year (of what sun god was up to). useful upgrade there.

data not including in the Koran by Kalif Uthman was a tribal geneology of the whole of arabia compiled by the Prophet Mohammed. this is attested in hadith.
(though some thought it inspired by Allah).

USA census each decade (10 years) ie yr 2000 next 2010, British decade 2001 next 2011, and some nations do 5 yearly cenus like the canadian 2006.

Tech Gunk:
subjective, localized, and hoped for (or feared) interpretations distort factual reality. eg: bird of a feather flock together, religiously, politically, socially...
(dogging site: its full of sluts, but somewhere else they say there are no sluts here).
no really? this affects our perceptions of reality.

case point: number of wiccan & pagans in the UK...??
The Pagan Federation of Great Britain have no precise figures but estimate that the number of Pagans in the British Isles is between 50,000 and 200,000 (2002). -BBC (2009)

An unidentified study in 1997 predicted that there were 100,000 practicing Neopagans in the United Kingdom. The Pagan Federation in the UK reported in 1999 that they were currently receiving 100 inquiries a month from potential new recruits.

Cenus 2001: 40,000

(it is very difficult to get hold of Census data from the state horders of capitalist imperialism.)
if you barter the figures of 50,000, 100,000 and 200,ooo you think 100,000 is more than reasonable mabye its 125,000 wont quibble and whos the lunatic who says maybe its 30 or 40 000?

The secular atheist '25%' is really 15% comprising less than 3% athiest, 12 % agnostic etc.

Nominalism wins the day at 58% of the population, with 12% attending church. yet 70% are nominally christian (baptism, mariage-if, baptism, burials).
(this means shinto involvement in public festivals and japanese culture is nominalism too; how ever the japs dont classify themselves).

Most of the data should be instantly avaiable to all. and online. and free therefore. and..

question 13 over race was not expressed or included expressed in forensic anthropolical terms. it should be. Its a more scientic classification than arbitary. But ideologically it is presumed just to be an arbitary classification - this is unscientific.

heathen was included with secular, atheist agnostic etc, yet to many norse odinists and asatru it is their prefered pagan term. arbitary aristo imperialism and capitalist underfunding undermanning again.

World wiki. aka Terra (latin land), Tellus (clashes with global linga franc), Earth (urf), Sol-d; ie Sol 3 Urf.
Econ Intel Unit. capa.
cia World Fact-Book.
cia usa World Fact-Book, World data.

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