Saturday, 14 November 2009

Sex with Statues! good culture! good artwork

Art and culture!

(who said you cannot have?)

statues/idols are art and culture and diversity. reflect natural humanoids, and also should be interactiv!
(vaginas, erect penis. fucking).
such is instruction and science, human anatonmy, biology and sexology too. helps legitamize adulthood for adults, and informative - and hilarious - for yet to be adults.)

Peace Makers!
priestesses of peace, and freedom. this is through sex availability decum have cum, counter-sexual-repression evils). peace bringer! prudes, of ianna therefore, promote practice..! ahahh! noticably common miss-labled and have military-march protest instead of make-peace the biology way! dumb-ass iannas.

priestess types could look like statues too! they are the warm statues, also for fucking by anyone, any devotee, any would be fucker. good good. take turns.
interactive public-arts, public entertainment and learing. civil service for the good of society and the individuals.

street fucking in nippon-japan. females make noises when empassioned, cumming. normal. make venus perfume too! vid. 1:22. wet slippy, up the wet hole!

(soo you got a problem with humans?)

ianna zoners- threatening!
peace marchers protesters - supporting the military approach!
anarchist is capitalist, aristocratic individual, anti-Socialist-Sate! capitalism is state chaos and anarchy. also criminals. peace protesters - try violence and intimidation and riots and military marching vindication - use of force! prude method of the frigid, as avoids peace giving natural cum sex.
anti-violence protest, ianna. jokes. vid. youtube. hate fest.
(which gang is this against the collective, against us all the people? why it is the pro-military method gang!)
legion march-stroll. march of die song, slow, moterhead bards. mrkl finest!

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