Saturday, 21 November 2009

Life Expectancy - (race ecconomic) nation

kid gloves time again.

depends on your (habitaion zone).
obviously the socialist inclinded states of Sweden, Nipon-Japan and Oz-Australia, Switerland, are doing best

and America-Mexico-Saudi-Europe-Libiya type of places come second.

cuba is actually better than the USA.

...and.. communist china ~(well dengian thing) does better, along with north korea than say capitalist Russia, India.
as does err morcco north africa...

Africa is low, even south africa pointing to the forbidden arts of knowledge.

50 to 80; 50-60 africa, 60-75 the east, 75-80 europe north america and aryan south america, 80+ oz sweeden switerland nippon.

a quick best to worst line up:
japan, oz, france, israel, germany, united kingdom, cuba, united states, argentina, saudi arabia, china, iran, indonesia, russia, north korea, india, haiti, afghanistan.

age: body replicates cells, ie copies them for replacement and errors set in.
takes its toll over time.
could do it 120 years easy.
but stress is a killer. genetic factors matter a lot here.

older chicks have yah she's experienced.

soo the nations that embraced capitalism - eastern europe, had a fall off of live longlivity as a reward compared to the nations that did not do so. [i dont call that kid gloves]
and cuba is doing better than the USA or say canada, now! remembered that.

india is very imperial elitist and capitalist.
soo china's market reforms (deng) have not yet lowered it below north korea...
she is ever the huntress.

so i understand the hetro sex accepting pagan society, the polite society, lives longest? and provedes jobs for life. this is, to some, a suprise yes?

oh do feel free to embrase the capitalist one god and so die younger than the pagan socialist gods, there by doing us all a favor, as is surely the will of allah.
and feel free to embrase the socialist pagan gods and so live longer thereby doing us all a greater favor.

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