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360 idols of the Kaaba, 100 names of allah

More of less each tribe had its gods, some of them in common like the big ones, the three goddesses.

Others like Wadd 'love, friendship' was a moon god, and was known by many names... Amm, Ammaalay (yemen), almaqah or al Makah (ie Mecca), Wadd ab, LLumquh, Talab.

Yaghuth 'he helps'.
Nasr 'Vulture'.
Ruda 'well disposed' protector.
Hubal, ie Hu'Baal, a baal.
sHaddad ie baal Haddad, rain god.
Dushara (Petra). Lord of the Mountain... like wine.
Manaf - a teraphim phallus god, carressed by women.

link. wiki, pagan arabia.

There was a pre-islamic monotheistic movement, possibly inspire by Christians and Jews.

The Names are discriptive, like 'Merciful' Rhmmn probably originally Baal Rhimmon, another rain god.
The 100 names of Allah as discriptions of the nature of allah, are probably also the names of 100 dieties of former arabia. (Aziz is a varient of Uzza for example! means Mighty). So the moslem (muslim) means 100 names of one god, or attributes, and a polytheist means 100 gods. ahah! (some say 99 names of allah as the last is known to the camel probably 'the one who is full of it').
more semantics! Well Mohammed used Rhmmn to the people who worshipped a god of that name in 'bow down to Mercy!' unavoidable really, but deliberate term as it could have been avoided.

the 360 idols represented the solar year used in ancient egypt of 360 days, plus 5 festival days at the end. every day a blessing!

The curious names of Allah.

And they say: By no means leave your gods, nor leave Wadd, nor Suwa'; nor Yaghuth, and Ya'uq and Nasr. (Qur'an 71:23)

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