Sunday, 29 November 2009

nude celeb Rihanna

nude celeb Rihanna looking fab.

its very much the modern vogue to put nude pic-fotos on the web..modern vogue that is, not the oldie traditionalist puritan magazeen by that name.

naturalism and nature may yet wet - and yes because it is sex, dispite those hostile to adult sex like...maybe they should be put on trial?

Rihanna suffers from psychiatric-celebraty-Syndrome ie prone to violent-ward violent-criminal offences, and is a negress that is a negro female who are none as a species towards such behavioiur anyway, though being a celeb-aristo really unhinges many folk.
As for just-not-in Vogue, its Frigid.

mastery of the dark mind grasshopper!

Rihanna celeb nude pictures-fotos type of site.
so where is the sex tape then if sheza celeb?

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