Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Color Chart! The Main Colours you See!! culurz

This is allways controversial!

ok the 6 primary colors (colours/culurz).

some say 3 primary colors for cult(ure) reason. not matter.
(they mean the Red, Blue, Yellow link)

6 colors are Green, Blue, Purple (aka Violet), Red, Orange, Yellow.

(purple, orange and green are just as much primary colors) !

Each color is inbetween two colors that make it! And it with the other-beyond help make their neighbor-color!

the colors black and white ~(not normally accpeted but seen), lighten and darken colors: White is all-color combinations, Black is no-color combinations. (white=reflection of all light, black=absorbtion of all light)
All colors are a combinations of other colors (inc. all or none).

of the six, brown will result in combination.

There is the ~visable light~ spectrum,

which is subjective.
Races, or anthropolicial variatent paths, prefer different colors:
(Aryan=Red, White maybe Blue; Negro= Purple, Blue, Red, Black, Sino=Red, Yellow) . hush this up for safety from the criminal pets favoured by police-gang-members of anti-science affiliated gangs (government backed pets, against the rule of law and democracy defined law).

It is obvious the celts see in infra-green, which alludes to other depths of sight.

AS COULD BE SEEN: there is another interpretation still! so a different defined major colors.

The 9th
and there is infra red, which is heat, available to some, like snakes, who see infra-red, and machines, that convert it into ~visable~ light for the mammels to see.

color eye test!
the last lower one is an 8 btw. fkem.

The test to the left is simpler.
The individual with normal color vision will see a 5 revealed in the dot pattern.
An individual with Red/Green (the most common) color blindness will see a 2 revealed in the dots." horseshit.

more eye tests online.

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