Tuesday, 24 November 2009

War for Femminism update, Afghanistan

The War for Femminism in afghansitan latest:

should USA invaders consider geneva convention?

The Obama administration should revise its detention policies in Afghanistan to make them consistent with international law, Amnesty International, Human Rights First, and Human Rights Watch said today. The United States military is hosting the media and some nongovernmental organizations today at its recently constructed but empty detention facility in Parwan province, Afghanistan.

The three organizations urged the US to end arbitrary detention in Afghanistan and to fully align US detention practices with international law.

The organizations noted that the US has made some recent changes in its detention policy in Afghanistan. These include providing detainees with "notice of the basis of their internment" and the right to call witnesses and question government witnesses.

"It's common knowledge that Afghans perceive US detention operations as secretive and lacking in due process," said Sahr MuhammedAlly, senior associate at Human Rights First"

Pakistan complains USA policy opens borders to militants.
this is not totally fair as the USA has no choice in a number of cases.

"Pakistan has complained to the United States that the strategy in Afghanistan is allowing militants to cross the border more easily, hampering its army’s campaign against Islamists, The Times has learnt.

Pakistani army commanders say that Nato’s recent withdrawal of troops from outposts near the border is undermining the “hammer and anvil” strategy the US has advocated since 2001, whereby militants face Nato and Pakistani troops acting on both sides of the border."

10 preggos sent home. USA.

"£4.3m spent on ceremonial Army uniforms as troops in Afghanistan wait for kit"
people.co.uk. if your interested, i lost the link and cant be bothered.

2006 sometimes forbidden for the western slaves to see by their masters. youtube-level vid though. al thingy. al sahab.

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