Monday, 2 November 2009

more maids of uzza idea (well hijab sex).

hot hot hot.

happy nude dancer. in blue hijab.
nice ejaculation at end, amateur fuck, wet pussy allready. 2:13 min. pov (ie holding camera)
green hijab sex. 2;55, sucks his cock for 1 min, than he enters pussy have fuck. pov
brown hijab fuck. 2:23.
bottomless, black hijab. 8 min. sucks cock. he fingers her ass and enters her anally from the front. then she puts her red panties back on. tissue clean up.
white jacket, hijab, rubs pussy, gets fucked. 1:31.

niqab, he plays with pussy, then she rides his cock. bad quality.
no wonder it takes her 4 min to undress, plays with his cock 1 min, then rides him still wearing a nightie...gets her tits out at 6:40 ish. fucks from rear at 8:30. long 13 min
short, hijab sucking cock. pov. lasts seconds.
muslim garbage, indonesian sino chick. (should have whipped her ass, hired a whore, maybe divorce her).
black hijab, sucks cock, have fuck. 2:20. finding depth (can take time for vagina to get deep).
more. (cream pie cum drool at end, 2:16 red hijab. turn sound off.)
fem pov, straight to action, continues fuck after cum, camera swappers. happy hijab.

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