Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lost City of the Sands, Aad, Prophet Hud

The Atlanitis of the Sands and the Prophet Hud, land of Aad.

(Aad mirrors a camel sound).

Aad was a camel 'traide-route Oasis' kingdom, dealing in kingly favoured spice like frankinsence which is made from rare trees over long time.

Like Mecca, these southern arabian cities depended on underground oasis springs.

Aad was located in southern arabia, yemen and oman.

It was a successful wealthy rich desert pagan nation, and the Prophet Hud visited them some time to provide light relief...
The underground oasis cavern collapsed, and then came an 8 day sand storm which burried the kingdom in sand.
Hud's followers certainly felt vindicated.

Prophet Hud data, 400/500 Bc?, 200 before Prophet Saleh.
The cult of Haddad the Baal of Rain seems to have been favoured by the kings (and the inhabitants). Baal Haddad used to fuck Manat ~(Anat elsewhere) his errr... devoted sister who rescued him from the dragoness of drought Mot and helped him slay it. - Baal epic. (never stopped Manat claiming to be a virgin).
wiki Hud. a couple of places have tomb shrines to Hud.
Iram, lost city of thousand pillars (ie many).

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