Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Race-Gender Soviet RG-S committee methods inclusive

Soviet or Comittee structures.

for example the 'grand' Race and Gender Soviet (RGS).

Each race has its own soviet
(ie committe~).
such networks with the sub racial groups of the race.
(defined forensic anthropolocially, ie via science or Zenozooology)

These feed in to the Soviet in question (RGS~).

Then this is automatically appealed.
The druids represent science ~(non theory)~
The Mages represent desired society and its psychology-sociology.

There are many other Soviets such as religions-humanist soviet ~(RHS) upon the same lines.

and very important Zone Soviets (geographic) with central core. (Zone Central Soviet). (earth would have six zones). ie south amerika, north amerika, afrika, Europa, Oz- indio-Asia, China-Nippon-Asia.

your societies can have a few problems over representations. that is bigotry.

ok we have a small wheel and a big wheel.
this relates to time allocation sessions... which can be very very short or very very long.
small wheel: is each soviet gets 10 min (at least 1) spokes creature of their soviet requirement for 10 min (as many as you wish). It circles round with 15 intervals breaks between 10 soviet speak. (EACH SOVIET GETS 10 MIN). some ones got a clock and a cut off.

vote is after small wheel, which is after big and mega wheels.

big wheel: These meetings are based on numbers the soviet represents. similiar to the methodology and structure of the small wheel (ie 10 min speak, then 15 min break) but...get extra time according to their % percentage of population.
(aryan globally would get 13 % maybe, so thats 1 10 min session followed after break by a 3 min session by a different aryan.) a race that is 20% get two sessions, from 2 (or more) people, either side of a break. put in extra breaks as needed.

mega wheel. take as long as you want to (all week if you can). its not as though anyone cares or attends but...

To each is given a gift. (zero message):here comes the impossible;
Jimmi Hendrix, guitar, voodoo child 69. 10 listen to guitar.
aryan archeo art. to classical rock. 4 look at buildings.
pan aryan artwork, pictures. to faethon. 4 look at picture quality.
Maya math. 10 time, callender (new callender of the soon golden age for humans)
Bruce Lee plays ping pong with no bat. 3
combined race, kung fu practice. 1:30 another combo. 2
hebrew song, mount of olives. 5...females vocals.
arabic nasheed. 5
combo filistine nasheed.5 (and you appoved of the others?)
filistine nasheed, 'eborith'. the song they cant stop

darkie speaks boycott by Israel racial state, and her skirt holder: slave state America, Europe imperialists, ..Australisan and New Zealand Collonizers...of course!
see ya! :)

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