Saturday, 21 November 2009

Wall of Fire urban defence

The sustained-burn wall of fire urban defence. aka barbique.

quick wall of fire 1.1km, short duration..

working on the assumption that lunatics often fear fire, hay presto one lunatic stop wall of fire.
sending them into panic, hyper chaos, and disfocus.

other people find fire theraputic to watch: including pyromaniacs; burns away the agressionand anger. good good.

others find fire philisophical, tranquil, spiritual.
like to watch the wall burn; meditative. feel free.

wont stop them digging under the wall (through concrete?) or flying over the wall ; even in catapults...

looks most impressive in the night.
as for fuel it doesnt matter what you use if it burns.

might draw a crowd for them to watch.

fixture or...portable walls even.
porta-walls (anti riot) could have hydrolic-buffer connection to another wall or the vehicle/mover droid. but a duel line or duel colum fixed wall can have hydrolic type buffer between for impact. ie it kinda moves if you drive into it, a bit.

play a bit of music. Angra- awaiting silence.
OMON spetsnaz anti-riot. ru . legion dance.
another Omon with noise. more entertainment.
china practice for 2008. no such thing as overmanned!
Iran anti-riot sept 2009 against the lawless outlaws...
USA freedom and democracy demonstrators. might be such a thing as undermanned... a capitalist flaw.
s Korea. used to be considered a sign of fascism and a toltalitarian state...
more gets better as it goes on. fun fun fun.
Korean communist riot. someone here knows what they are doing.

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