Sunday, 15 November 2009

England Aristo defeated by Brazilia (officially Brazil)

In a perfect act of english-saxon (harold) sabotarge of their own, the trained team being written off in psychopathic neurosis excess [as they do at schools] and some joke team deploid in imperial greateness:
the english team lost to the pretend team of Brazil.

what chance would they then have had against a real team like Brazilia? zero!

but thats capitalism of the aristos - who pays wins.

spoof: prawn crisps one. gradiose imperial bitching.
more blagg distractions. soccar.
Lord shithead retard lements capitalist rivals and a non socialist state. tard for a aristo really. 'danger, none reds!!!' sympathetic tycoons. or is that croons?

times horseshit. england = shit, brazil = good but imaginary, brazilia = excellent but not there? - AND STILL WON!! that means england are really shit and losers.
being beaten by a team thats not there takes some er..englanding...

and they cant even read?

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