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Uhud pagan sluts of Mecca hadith

ahah! Genie has refound some other quotes of hadith relating to the sluts of uzza at uhud!

good good.


"They knew that nothing held such terror for the Arabs as the jibes of women for cowardice, and they also knew that nothing was so efficacious to turn them into utterly reckless fighters as the promise of physical love. These amazons included the wives of Abu Sufyan and Amr bin Aas, and the sister of Khalid bin Walid.

Hind and her women moved forward with the troops, scattering about the field as closely as they dared to the fighting men, beating their tambourines
with terrible clash and shouting:

"Daughters of the shining Morning Star,

Watching you from silken beds we are,

Thrash them! in our arms we'll fold you;

Run, and nevermore we'll hold you."

- (Muhammad, the Messenger of God)

Before Islam women (in Arabia) used to show themselves off not only to their husbands but to any other men they pleased. They used to go out into the open country singly or in groups and meet with men and youths without hindrance or sense of shame. They exchanged with them glances of passion and expressions of love and desire. This was done with such blaze frankness and lack of shame that Hind, wife of Abu Sufyan, had no scruples whatever about singing on such a public and grave occasion as the Day of Uhud.

"Advance forward and we shall embrace you!

Advance forward and we shall spread the carpets for you!

Turn your backs and we shall avoid you!

Turn your backs and we shall never come to you."

Among a number of tribes, adultery was not at all regarded as a serious crime. Flirting and courting were common practices. Despite the prominent position of Abu Sufyan and his society, the chroniclers tell, concerning his wife, a great many tales of love and passion with other men without implying any stain on her reputation..." (The Life of Muhammad, Cairo, 1935) [for the Uzza Venus it was a virtue!]

The Makkans had better equipment and they were more numerous than the Muslims [x3 allways a good idea]. Furthermore, the presence, in the battlefield, of their deity, Hubal, and their women, was assurance that their morale would not sag, especially, after the latter had introduced into the struggle, the new and the deadly component of temptation. "

. Abu Najih said, ‘Someone called out in the battle of Uhud:

There is no sword but Dhu'l-Fiqar

And there is no hero like Ali.'

(The Life of the Messenger of God)

(this is true, Ali was a great swordsman).

.Such a pagan arabian tradition does not relect islaam.

they [amat uzzayan] at least knew how to help win a battle .

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