Sunday, 15 November 2009

Expansion Underground: Blind lead the Sighted

The Vagina Underground!

(its a hole, its wet and it get warm)

heaps of space underground!
burrow burrow!

1 think round for strength.

a sustainable tunnel is round, not square. square is a flat roof, and underground flat roofs crack and cave in under the pressure of the stress, the weight placed upon them by the rock above. (! imperial diana flaws).
so square imperial-capito-aristo is a weak method, of the weak.

Round is distributive of stress and labor and so withstands and endures naturally. (comrade tula).
so round comrade-socialist-slut is a strong method, of the strong.

choices choices!

nature makes round holes - rabbits, rodents, rats, mice, hampsters, girbils and humans should. a natural - druid, with nature - hole is round which is very strong and resilient! Other arches or no arches are weaker - and a flat roof is the weakest.
square tunnels have flat roofs.
(to my horror i saw flat roofs at a human coal mine).
yet sewer systems and underground rail systems are round for strength! ahah!
(and are public sector, state made rather than...capitalist concern~=$£)
in the long run...say you civilization attemp lasts 1000 years even, the more durable systems pay dividends. mark it up to 10,000 years and heap it in... as a nation people collective that is. (capitalist see the next wife cash bung distance~ ie officially blind).

you know if you fail, we are here to stop you failing, but its ok, as we are the only ones who have made realistic dont fail bid. nice planet, lots of space underground. (kind of joke, space hab is same thing to us) and one day will be to some of you too i think.

as obvious in underground rail, think no fumes. think walk and jump hight ok.
thing big not small. and round.

2 Fall down gass and water:
the flat floor walk way suggests underfloor channels, - for expelled breath co2 C-2O and Water-humidity h2o 2H-O. gradual depth channels will make it run where you wish it to be collected, ie beyond walk-tunnel into out of doors sun light or... and... collection stores. carbon dioxide is heavy gass, heavier than air.
C-2O and water are great for plants if they get light bung. and eco system for fish.
so next thing you know, they could become happy eco-cavern- for plants that make oxygen O2 also called 2O. think natural light shaft too.
gradual tunnel in floor to avoid fall pit fall shaft.

3 Fall up gass:
Methane CH4 or C-4H is lighter than air so it rises up wards.
shaft tunnel in roof. Can lead to grill to out of doors dispell, or... to collection point, as methane can be collected and burnt as fuel to drive steam turbines, to make electricity fuel! which makes light.
put one above co2 and water drain! (eco cavern makes organics).
(eco needs shit not piss as firtilizer. so is a shit dump, collect your own piss for piss salts rock bung- shit dumping down methane channel to it.)

4 Wind Air Oxygen Vents!
think buddha's wheel. wind blows into system from any direction, this makes air circulation. good good.
also growing plants underground, artificial light, makes oxygen too!
and is good to take off methane build up - take up shaft, and carbon dioxide build up - take down shaft.

so thats how come level 8 is ok in the orc mines, silly human. apart from the horde of shamen with staffs (often blind leading the sighted! and do so well if light fails)
they have magic staffs. staff is staff and sometimes has oil and fire in globe and upper shaft - with red cover see through ~best shamen staff! (who are local concern, mix mage and druid as needed of the two great schools).

dumb ass: flat roof so it caves in under pressure, low roof so back hurt and stoopies and bang not-hemited head, big long drop fall shaft to provide entertainment to the enmey. (who use ropes to loot your corpse) lower lower mugg mugg orc looter, up up pull pull ox orc looter rises rich and happy with gifts for ox crew and things to sell happy happy. well fed too... had steak rations extra!

i dont want to seem making a plavorial of it and jubbily but... if the main sink shaft had a see-though plastic roof it would let light in.... so would mine elevators with see though strong plastic roofs too! ahah! and floor area for those who dare look! this means more light, higher light levels!

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