Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ass-Bomber Security-Checks! AQ latest

A new trick to slip security scanners arrives in the Al Qaeda Ass-Bomb, first used by ass-bomber assassin 'slave of Allah' Assieri (AQ Arabia ass-bomber squad) in an attempt to assassinate the anti-terrorist squad spokesman prince Mohammed bin Nayef in port Jiddah saudi Arabia whose hand was hurt in the blast.

lucky for prince Mohammed the bombers body absorbed a lot of the 1 pound tnt blast but it made a mess of the room.

said ass bomb was detonated by a mobile phone call that went beep triggering the 'dirty' bomb.

ass-caverty bombs- latest attack method of martyr bombers. high security, low yeild. security assessment.
ass-bomber attack. simple
yemen and saudi AQ merger.
ass-bomber report.

drunk chick fires fire-work rocket chaos. vid.
whats a caverty search? pictures. foto.
counter-terrorism becomes fun perk if not blown up. 'it stops a crash dunnit'
butt-searchers, security fun times. in islamic alligned societies women are searched by lesbian women, but in nature alligned societies women are searched and fucked by men, naturally!
more butt-raiders. 'we can stop ass-bombers and we will'

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Government Crimes, war crimes and censorship

Iraq protest at new censorship.

"The protest follows the introduction of new rules for censoring books, and a proposal to ban certain websites.

Some journalists say there has been an increase in lawsuits against those investigating security or corruption.

The authorities say they will only block websites that are pornographic or incite violence or criminal behaviour.

Media workers have frequently been targeted or caught up in the violence in Iraq, with at least 190 being killed since the US-led invasion in March 2003."

Singapore Censorhip Chairman. know yours?

Standard UK govt dept denial; Homeless Veteran
"Rickey had always wanted to be a soldier after his stepfather was in the TA, but the reality of seeing scores of dead and mutilated bodies, being under constant attack and living in a ditch for months at a time has left him with crippling emotional problems. "

"Sleeping at in doorways and at Lewes train station, Rickey can not even get Lewes District Council to accept he is homeless."
"“I went to see the council homelessness officer but they said I didn't have grounds for saying I was homeless."
"“They are saying I don't have grounds for saying I'm homeless and I'm not a priority case."

A spokesman for Lewes District Council said Rickey had failed to turn up for appointments when he had made previous homelessness applications
"Now technically he has made himself homeless. ...Rickey has two outstanding forms for the housing register and Homelink. He hasn't returned either of those. Until he does we can't take it any further."

Black and Asian Muslim ethinic Diversity Job Fair. unfair. manchester uk.
"The Whitworth Hall, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road M13 9PL

Now in its 8th year, the Ethnic Diversity Fair continues to be an important and popular event in the recruitment calendar. It provides recruiters with a tried and tested forum to meet with black and Asian students and graduates right at the start of the recruitment season."

jobs after jihad.

"Around 1000 students and graduates came along to meet with 29 organisations who were there because they value cultural diversity and are committed to developing a diverse workforce."

Thursday, 24 September 2009

More Soldiers in Prison than in Afghanistan

Hidden prison army. uk
"The number of former servicemen in prison or on probation or parole is now more than double the total British deployment in Afghanistan, according to a new survey. An estimated 20,000 veterans are in the criminal justice system, with 8,500 behind bars, almost one in 10 of the prison population.

The proportion of those in prison who are veterans has risen by more than 30% in the last five years.

The study by the probation officers' union Napo uncovers the hidden cost of recent conflicts. The snapshot survey of 90 probation case histories of convicted veterans shows a majority with chronic alcohol or drug problems, and nearly half suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or depression as a result of their wartime experiences on active service.

Those involved had served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. They are most likely to have been convicted of a violent offence, particularly domestic violence.

The study provides the strongest evidence yet of a direct link between the mental health of those returning from combat zones, chronic alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence."

(this war is supported by femminists... more dykes-recruits at the refuge?)

more. They really need to stay off the booze.

Al Qaeda members jail-break Iraq.

"BAGHDAD — Sixteen prisoners, including leaders of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and other extremist groups who had been sentenced to death, escaped from a prison in northern Iraq, in what officials described as a brazen breach of security that prompted a manhunt across a large part of the country on Thursday."

Taliban attack invaders Emergency Supply Line.

"Local officials say the Taliban are establishing a shadow government along the dilapidated road that ultimately could prevent vital supplies carried in hundreds of trucks every week from reaching the military. It also raises the danger that the supplies could end up in militant hands"

"People in Baghlan and Kunduz provinces complain that international forces, the government in Kabul and aid have passed them by in favor of more troublesome regions. Militants are taking advantage of that resentment, and control by either Afghan or international forces is slipping."

""I'm engaged and I can't go to the village of my fiancee," said 23-year-old Farshad, who like many Afghans goes by only one name. The village fell to the Taliban before the wedding could be planned. "I'm going to wait for the situation to get worse or get better. Otherwise I'll have to become a Talib.""

Taliban open up northern front against Germany.

"Kunduz, on the Tajikistan border, saw the [invaders ]bombing of two hijacked fuel tankers in air strikes alleged to have killed large numbers of civilians earlier this month.

The German-ordered strike set in train events leading to the kidnap of Stephen Farrell, a British journalist who was covering the attacks, and the deaths of his Afghan colleague and a British special forces soldier in a raid to free them."

"But insurgents are also recruited from a pool of radicalised and unemployed young men who have returned to Kunduz from refugee camps in Pakistan. There has also been an influx of fanatical Chechen and Arab fighters into the province this summer."

dirty prude married greedos; MPs embesselment uk

"And he revealed his anger that staff hired to sort through MPs' receipts for expensive extravagances were guarded by troops forced to moonlight so they could earn money to buy vital equipment.

One soldier had taken the work to buy lightweight body armour that cost £750. Another wanted better quality desert boots at £125 a pair, the insider said."

UK govt scared to visit Afghanistan.

"THE most senior army officer to resign after leading troops in Afghanistan claims that he was asked whether he could delay an attack on a Taliban stronghold until after Gordon Brown had visited the country"

~Osama bin Laden. "Osama bin Laden demanded that European countries pull their troops out of Afganistan in a new audiotape Friday, warning of "retaliation" against them for their collaboration with the United States in the war."

""A wise person would not waste his sons and money for a gang of criminals in Washington ... In summary, we are not asking too much or an invalid demand, but it would be be fair that you lift your opression and withdraw your troops,"" - ObL

relayed for the unfree. see below. or some weird arabic site.

another side: The server at is taking too long to respond. This could be because you are not in a free nation:

for the free peoples info: al sahab media ~(as sah'ab) al qaeda السحاب

Oh Fuey! Katakana Nipon and Isaac-drone alien tech

hatchet work.
2007 drone hoax. debunk site.

buddhist japanese-katakana.
katakana, a how to. or ask isaac how not to.

the darwin believer, pildown's site (but its state prop). isaac-drone debunk

aurebesh, starwars skript.
note the cases for the letter B b.

music, mammels song.

v-visitors skript, dissimilar, not a part of the semantic drift of Isaac tech, but did influence aurebesh.
(Vistors not of interest to jews, too pro-nazi aliens so their script is boycotted. but starwars has jewish bdsm (like darth and freud's race interest) so aurebesh is 'ok'. like jewish women and anal sex and prude neo-con). but why would aliens care?

bargin bucket:
association charts. etc.
the eye. etc.
flow chart primer.
aliens would use universal themes. int what you think.
..and their cult-ural specific errors, maybe not your ones.
and their anthropology-zoological limitations, not your ones?

tech. species variation.
Isaac wrote that the magic of these words (a semetic interest) if put on table would make the table move if you do the magic right... (this is not true) it is a jewish delusion not an aryan one. words' power has limitations. QED. It is an unconcious cyper for the power of words in an aryan society from a jew who has a natural anthropological semetic gift with words like an arab of arabia (true arab semite) has. Aryan have high visual, smites have low visual IQ. So words would not seem as powerful in yIsrael or Soudi Arabiya. (the inanimate moving 'mystery' was claimed by jews as a holocaust atrocity and due to the domination of theocratic-or-ideological subjection (well moses did) it must be right; that buckets moved in song making music. Therefor you belive this.... except the revisonalists ofcourse). give a high tech alien society some credit.

ok can you pay me now Agent Cian?
what in star-bucks? ~(i hope thats a coffee shop)

Alien Tech Fun CARET Q4-86


June 29, 2007 Montgomery, Alabama - This week on Tuesday, June 26th, the mystery of the dragonfly-shaped aerial drones took another turn

with the release of an alleged secret report containing photographs of alleged extraterrestrial technologies, entitled "Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology (CARET), the Q4-86 Research Report", dated December 1986, Palo Alto, California, by the Palo Alto CARET Laboratory, also known as PACL (pronounced 'packel').

The CARET Laboratory's research goal is stated as, achieving a greater understanding of extraterrestrial technology within the context of commercial applications and civilian use.

The document states that the CARET Q4-86 research focused on four key subjects, all of which were based on artifacts of extraterrestrial origin obtained from crash site recovery operations conducted during the last two decades within the continental United States, between 1966 and 1986.

The four subjects are listed as:

    1. Personal antigravity generator (so-named for its small, portable size);

    2. Three-dimensional image recorder/projector

    3. A complex system of symbols and geometric constructs capable of both defining the functionality of certain artifacts as well as manipulating their behavior, crudely analogous to a computer programming language, but without the need for a compilation or interpretation phase. [ie Basic computer-lang was best]

    4. is BLACKED OUT entirely. In a separate follow-up email, the document's leaker - who calls himself by the alias Isaac - explained that the blacked out sections had been done by CARET in Palo Alto, and not by him.

    ...Isaac�s email and documents imply that this particular extraterrestrial technology was part of an American government effort to back-engineer, through civilian scientists, and apply commercially at the CARET Laboratory in Palo Alto. That E. T. technology allegedly can control gravity and project 3-dimensional images that apparently would look real to us humans, but are something akin to what we know as holographic images. The document also implies that the projected image technology can record.

    crystallinks link. - with full text and diagrams.

    Isaac documents page.

    bunk: regardless of its cover as reasearch indicated the USA is using Jews for semantic research (good idea) (with the problem being the lack of semite understanding of logic and cause-effect if-then; bad idea).

    the language and numbers look artificial and non organic, well the numbers do. the words look hebrew-arabic influenced ~ie they put jews-easterners to its creation, or the aliens did.

    the spikey-droid isnt going anywhere ~not even up wards.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Getting ~Sex the natural way (Yin & Yangs)

Dogging is a British euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a semi-public place (typically a secluded car park in a car) and then watching others doing so. Frequently, there are more than two participants; both group sex and gang banging can be included. As observation is encouraged, voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging. The two sets of people involved often meet either randomly or (increasingly) arrange to meet-up beforehand over the Internet.

In September 2003, the BBC[1] reported on the 'new' dogging craze. They cited the Internet and text messaging as very common ways of organising meetings. The original definition of dogging (and which is still a closely-related activity) is spying on couples having sex in a car or other public place.
full text wiki.
Alex chick getting ready for dogging; vid.
meet Rachel...
music 'int nothing but mammels'. a fav. short doggers
longer song you-tube.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan invasion problems

Since the ~Imperial dianic invasion of the ~dianic Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (both sides being hostile to human~biology~~) because of the Bush-admin order in september 10th 2001, the Taliban Government forces have made steady ground against the the rebel-USA and Nato backed junta.

~In this war of external agression Germany was happy (as historically testified) to invade its forces under the new imperial dictate that it is pretended not to be a war; due to the Germany constitution which fordids wars of non defence of German land.

at over 80% mountians the invaded nation has been the grave yard of imperialist delousions and agression, now joined by american and zionist and continued femminist pro-war agression.

femminist ~(like their jewish founders~) support War in Afghanistan. feminist minority.
why so says some deluded indoctrinated dog of diana?
"The quota for 25 percent women in the Afghan parliament was another such show. Although there are 67 women in the Afghan parliament, most of them are pro-warlord and are themselves enemies of women's rights. When the famed marriage rape law was passed in the parliament, none of them seriously raised their voice against it. Malalai Joya, an outspoken feminist in the parliament at the time, has said that she has been abused and threatened by these pro-warlord women in the parliament. The U.S. military may have removed the Taliban, but it installed warlords who are as anti-woman and as criminal as the Taliban.". The term women is not to be taken seriously in this article as they are against human biology and being male-hormone compatable yin, ie true human women..
White House USA tensions afghanistan war, 'more troops, more still'.
he administration has asked McChrystal to delay submitting his additional troop request, which could reach 40,000, until Obama reviews and perhaps alters his war strategy."
"As the president considers the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, he also faces increasing political pressure from a growing number of Democrats who oppose a troop increase and many conservatives urging him to give his general what he wants."
Pak ISI and Iran intelligence been helping the Taliban govt.
General Steanly McChrystal, commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, informed the White House that factions of the Pakistani and Iranian spy agencies are supporting the Taliban and other terrorist groups that carry out attacks on the US-led Nato forces in the country,".
British Liberal party wants Tea with the Taliban.
dissident properganda.
and France24 reporters with the Taliban. youtube
Taliban attack in Lahore, eastern Pakistan.and also youtube as lasts.
The Mujihadin of the anti-Soviet War. british ITN 1988. for those allowed to see.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Jedi Knights (born of myth)

Jedi kinights overview:

The Jedi are an ancient monastic peacekeeping organization in the fictional Star Wars universe. They are connected with the Force.[1] They specifically use the "light side" of the force (The Force or true way) and reject the "dark side" of the Force, as well as the Dark Side's adherents, the Sith as a heresy.

While various sources and ideas have been brought forth as the initial inspiration for the idea of a fictional "Jedi" order, the most apparent are the current and past chivalric orders that exist in Europe (to europeans that is).

It is speculated they were named after the jidai-geki genre of Japanese films about samurai.

One of the enduring influences the Star Wars saga has had is the idea of the fictional-Jedi values being interpreted in a modern philosophical path or religion.[3] Over half a million people throughout the world declared themselves as Jedi on their census forms, which was considered to be a practical joke and may not reflect the real number of Jedi in the countries concerned.

The Jedi hold a religious reverence to The Force, approached through meditation, civic service and learning.

However, soon after its formation, several Jedi left the order to follow the path of the Dark Side, the first of many schisms.

The Jedi Order was ruled by a board of 12 members called the Jedi Council, located on the planet of Coruscant before being destroyed by Emperor Palpatine. The council represented a gathering of great minds which acted as a governing body for the order as well as a martial advisory board for the Old Republic Senate.

[edit] Expanded Universe

Within the Expanded Universe of Star Wars media, the primary Jedi Council on Coruscant is the most dominant of a number of Jedi governing bodies. At one point approximately 4,000 years prior to the movies, there was also a Jedi council on Dantooine. After the events in Episode 6, Luke Skywalker eventually reestablishes the Jedi Order and creates something called the Masters' Council.

During times of great danger, the Jedi engaged in direct democracy through massive gatherings called conclaves, at which they discussed issues and came to decisions.

The Sith trace their roots back from heretical Jedi who followed the path of the Dark Side towards the homeworld of the Sith race.

Jedi ranks

Members of the order progress through four to six tiers of rank, at times referred to as levels.

  • Jedi Youngling/Initiate : A Jedi Youngling is a Jedi learning to control the force and how to wield a lightsaber. The title of Jedi Youngling is the first part of a Jedi training. Younglings were seen training with Jedi Grand Master Yoda in a scene from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
  • Jedi Padawan/Apprentice: A Youngling that successfully completes their respective level of training undergoes Padawan apprentice training under the tutelage of a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master. As a rite of passage and the final test before the trials to knighthood, Padawans must build their own lightsabers. In the Old Republic, male Human Padawans usually wore braids in their hair that were removed upon attaining knighthood.
  • Jedi Knight: Disciplined, experienced Jedi may become full-fledged Jedi Knights once they have completed "the trials" that test candidates' skills, knowledge, and dedication. The three tests are usually known as The Trial of Skill, The Trial of Spirit, and the Trial of Knowledge. In Return Of The Jedi, Master Yoda gives his apprentice Luke Skywalker the trial of confronting Darth Vader for a second time so he might become a full-fledged Knight. Occasionally, performing an extraordinary (usually heroic) act can earn a Padawan learner Jedi Knight status, such as when Obi-Wan Kenobi defeats the Sith Lord Darth Maul. Or in the case of Anakin Skywalker who defeats Sith Apprentice Asajj Ventress.
  • Jedi Master: A Jedi Knight may become a Jedi Master after successfully training a Padawan learner to Knight status. Though this is the most common manner, it is not always the case. If the council sees that a Jedi Knight has become more powerful and has gained more knowledge and discipline in the Force, then they can be nominated by one or more council members to take the trials again.
  • Jedi Council Member: When a Jedi Council Member vacates its seat, the council looks for an exemplary Jedi Master to fill the empty position. Presiding Council Members elect prospective candidates when openings become available. According to the Dorling Kindersley guide to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, some members were permanent members (like Yoda and Mace Windu), while the rest served limited terms, after which they stepped down and another member would be elected to the Jedi Council. With the exceptions of Anakin Skywalker and Ki-Adi Mundi, who was the only Knight on the Council for a short period of time before becoming a Jedi Master, all council members require the status of Jedi Master prior to entering the council.
  • Jedi Grand Master: Formally "Grand Master of the Jedi Order," only the highest-ranking Jedi Masters take the title. The title of Grand Master/Supreme Master is merely a theoretical title given by Jedi Masters to a certain Master who has been most wise among other masters in the council, as with Master Yoda. The Jedi Grand Master does not enjoy any greater privilege than any council members because the council members also have a vote in any issues presented by the council. The Grand Master was apparently the "first among equals" of the Jedi High Council, or the later Masters' Council. It may also be implied that the Grand Master of the Jedi Order has a strong connection to Jedi of which have pledged themselves to the Order (Yoda sensing the deaths of Jedi across the galaxy as Order 66 is being executed in Revenge of the Sith). Yoda and Luke Skywalker (in the expanded universe) are Grand Masters
wiki link. Jedi way. (subject to reality constraints and de-flim magic-miracle workers of myth, legend and dvd). no membership of fee was required of luke skywalker.

Jedi-ism religion-path. 'one of many schisms...'

Jediism is not the same as that which is portrayed within the Star Wars Saga by George Lucas and Lucasfilm LTD. Jedi is (subect to human limitations)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Sex Concent Cards (female signs) free use C21

some sex concent cards for free use.
female signs, guy retains card.
~(because feminism and prison exist).

click image for big if you wish, right-click mouse, 'save as' option.

you are free to print these and distribute or use them

~(including if you are female and wish to reassure guys though giving them signed ones to get the fun done)

very useful modern-city living tokens!
another option is to find machines or software for buisness cards and adapt them to sex concent cards if you have the time and skills to do so.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hermaphrodite wins Gold at Berlin 800m event

Upon dual-gender-ideological segregation planets the issue of intersexed gender hermaphrodite morphitees remains an unknown limbo at varience with official designation and procedure.

generally faster and stronger than females the hermaphrodite Caster easily won the women's 800m Gold in Berlin.

fair or unfair, unfair? hermaphrodites have no sport event of their own (social denial and so exclusion) based on their rarety in some species such as humanoid types).
culturally Certain Gods had not been made aware of the condition; some of whom claim infalibility (see semite).

Caster Semenya South-African gender-storm.

internal testees no womb has vagina etc. Caster hermaphrodite type. test result.
Gaga singer controversy. not nude pic though.'gaga girl'.
'gaga hermahprodite'. (has anyone fucked her for gods' stake, tell us!)
buck Angel's vagina.
hermaphrodite photo.
Lynn's saga.
google book, medical invention of gender.
science tech, wiki, hermaphrodites.

Monday, 7 September 2009

State of Deseret unspun (propersition 8 huh?)

Perhaps now they will listen?
polygamous bible link.

"...I gave thee thy master's house, and thy master's wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little,.."
- 2 Samuel 12:8. Bible.

(too obscure might have been a better word)

Goddess Diana was the proporgator of monogamy marriage as it was amazon-lesbian derived.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Mormon unspun at JoSmith's Bar

Joseph Smiths wives photos or picture. some of the 27.

mormon handshakes. !
JoSmith's drinking habit.
ie"June 1, 1844 - "Drank a glass of beer at Mooessers" (The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith, edited by Scott H. Faulring, Signature Books, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1989, pg. 486)."
modern legalism. no temple visit for you Jo!
Nephite sighting centre.
seen a nephite? that link is for you.
book of Abraham, Book of the Dead.
kinderhook indian scrawl.
JoSmith armed in jail against the mob. martyrdom.
they make a fight of it, Jo shoot at least 3 men killing 2 and leaps from the window.

""Every man has a natural, and, in our
country, a constitutional right to be a
false prophet, as well as a true prophet."
- Joseph Smith

Her Calling! Ephes 19:27-28

The short haired goddess Diana the divine and huntress; for long hair is natural and beautiful and so belongs to Venus.

Diana's blessing is the unnatural and unbeautiful.

This is important for missionarys to understand that they must not look like the loser hippies Jesus Christ or angel-prophet Moroni when there is a better more divine example in she who is Great. It says so, so dont forget.

Go forth in his name and make all nations her disciples (slaves of her will)
or dont.

quick link on topic.
Ephesians chapter 19, verses 27-28 'The Riot' Bible Study.
youtube talk. Paul and Diana of Ephesus.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Useful Links

Earth2 link
world newspapers online, UN, EU Unisor websites etc.

New Religion#
Cult of Zolt
Procedure shall preveil!
The will of Zolt can be found in the written law of the state.
type of deism.
(zazzle store)
see picture enclosed

you are refering to Prime Observor deism rather than zolt's heretical Prime Mover deism. So I dont think you quite understand what "deism" means (neither do many deists). some deists do not believe in divine intervention; this excludes Zolt. They are the traditionalist deist cult which has been found deficent in its good as dead god, hijacked by by academic free-thinkers and turned irrelivant to human life.

a few thoughts that challenge the traditional deist views:

1 the preloaded easter egg hunt. you are taken there (reason~) to find what was put there ~(creation). your god might not know what would unfold and when (you eat the easter egg this day) but Zolt sure did.
That is a critique of the traditional hands off deism. good as unfolding divine intervention.
2 even more so, the presumption of (some) deists that the divine created and gave humans reason and let it unfold and yet has no interest in helping or his creatures affairs is stand offish to the extreme. It doesnt sound likely, and more problamatically, humans prefer and maybe need divine intervention!
your god might not have designed humans to be like that but...Zolt did.
So is your deist god evil then?
3 the overlooking by deists of human society and law as imminant relevence to human affairs. why only though nature and theoretical science myths like darwinism the piltdown hoax? why not also though human society and its regualtion... even more affecting humans, as some gods knew would be the case. The nature treck is fine but thats where most deists' god stays put.
until we meet again god?"