Sunday, 29 November 2009

boycott Olympics of war-mong nation! (spelt war btw)

pitted against each other at great price. yess another olympics is on its way.

the international parade and showcaseing of a nation is the good bit. could do that no olympic!

say no to spending $22 billion dollars (22 thousand million, or 22,000,000,000) for 2 weeks of slaves from youth manically competing in the hope of sponsorship. too much to hope the bastards and bitches would spend it on the occupied british people.

Swampi the swamp moster of east london was made homeless by the evil capitalists for the olympics, but luckly the good socialists have found him a home and swampy is now happy...yep gets you that one.

habitat of widelife distroyed, government says that green (even deprives iran of WMD facilities that could be relocated there and stops AQ using it as a possible training camp i guess). they would but did build 520 bird houses, keep one part of the habitat and build 150 bat boxes for the made homeless bats too.

yes its a swamp and who thinks it is going to stay not a swamp decades after the olympics and the stadium is shuttered up and closed like Athens 2004 thing.?

people shifted, houses distroyed, compulsory purchased (just like beijinng).
relocating the ahh slaves then?, is stressfull for them in that they 'lacked appreciation untoeth their owners and masters' more or less for the honour. businness too complained over the compulsory purchase price or rather 'compensation' for loss, as being pitiful..especially with the olympics comming..

who cares? ok its good for construction, including australian store builders comp.
grandi follys appeal to the aristos and can mug them. 9.7 million tickets, 50% at under £20. and who gets that case, or the ad revenue or merchandise reve (well adidas at 20% sales per 5% store space - good for them!).

unpaid labor, unpaid child conscripted labor!
dispite spending over £22 billion dollars (half that of bejing china 2008), they still want 70,000 thats seventy thousand, unpaid labor slaves to vollenteer and only pay 3000 others than as staff. Say no to unpaid labor for others! thats slavery!

conscripted child labor, as unpaid labor from schools, have been drafted in by the government to the olympic project.... including washing any 'archeological finds'. (some swamp dwellers used to live there like the roman empire).
like oh fuck i think i really have found the brocken handle of someones coffee cup!

give me a lecture over the evils ov child labor afterwards please sir...

ok some links.
only kidding, not getting the promised badminton and rythmic gym !! haw haw!
try walking!
London Olympic organizers will avoid building a $66 million temporary arena after reaching an "agreement in principle" with two sports to move to an existing venue for the 2012 Games.

Local organizing committee LOCOG proposed switching badminton and rhythmic gymnastics to Wembley Arena — adjacent to Wembley Stadium in northwest London — rather than construct the planned facility near the Olympic Village in east London.

The move was taken to save money in the wake of the global economic crisis.

Denis Oswald, head of the International Olympic Committee's coordination commission for the London Games, said Thursday that the badminton and gymnastics federations had [been] agreed in principle to the move despite their concerns over the added travel time for their athletes.

"It still has to be formalized," Oswald said. "There is no doubt this question will be resolved in coming weeks. The two federations have been very cooperative and [have been made to] understand it was wise to look for a cheaper solution." [the alternative being cruelty]

Organizers are offering to put the athletes up in hotels within walking distance of Wembley to avoid the cross-town trips [good idea!] from the Olympic Village in Stratford."

Former Olympic Judo compeditor 1988... flat possessing explosives, claims he is homeless and the former cocain drug flat is not his... neither is the guns... but might have been a gang inforcer.
The court heard details of his alleged violence, including that he had once held a man's hands in a hot electric toaster.

Robert Brooks, 63, of no fixed address, was found not guilty of six firearms charges but guilty of conspiracy to possess explosives and conspiracy to supply drugs. Grant Richmond, 29, Craig Rodel, 46, and Luke Downes, 22, all of Bristol, all admitted conspiracy to supply drugs."

Olympic Games, wiki data. (give a miss)

London 2012 facts.

Summer Olympics, 2012. read this one.


British! huh? british shooting club wants to boycott the olympics in 2012.

looks like the british might figures.

and.."The events will be held at a 7,500-seat structure that will be taken down after the Games have finished, with the cost ranging from an initial quote of £30m to the latest estimate of £42m."

The Sportsman's Association said it will campaign to dissuade all UK shooting fans from volunteering to help run 2012 shooting events in a bid to persuade organisers to reverse their decision.

boycott olympics site. has count down.

reasons to maybe boycott list. missed off apathy.

201o winter olympic medals made of salvaged computer parts... medal gunk.... medal status worth more than the plated gold on ebay.... secrets of minting the medals 2008.... copper and lead too for the gold and silver. then again the economy of time and scale, can pharaoh really give 6000 a throw over great time? ahh..

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