Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Remembering all the dead MRKL

First of the dead, comrade Morkul.

societies differ. In islam, the dead are generally dead and gone.

In the west, the soldiers dead are remembered...

and.. Ich hatt einen kamraden.
(the neglected abandoned elite best soldiers of the old war). (lavaish)

no less dead are the others.

remembering all the dead of our utopias... happy habitation while it lasts!

not for the grim! X
chaz and dave humorists.
laughting deathhead... (well policeman). original ish.
At the black rock with Morkul.

grim ok
culto la sante murete. (it links to aztec culture revival)
docu-data, youtube, sante murete culto, deos murkul. the ones whom the church and the virgin cannot reach. Mexica.
(known collective prayer helps surgery recovery 33% - good will!)
zoro-astraian visit. tomb fetish thing.
Hindu. they burn them.

they shall share the same tomb,
梁祝 as ghosts. tearish.

good: dust is my bed, arabic.
just be you. the gods accept all.

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