Wednesday, 18 November 2009

1940s Art Nudes

nude artwork from the 1940s, Germany.

have to scroll down if you want to find the nudes book.
DVD of nudes.
1940s porn.
"Kunkel discovered two of the black and white films -- the pastoral Desire in the Woods and The Trapper. In one of them, a man ties a naked woman to a tree. Incredibly, Kunkel tracked down the actress some 60 years after her woodland nude scene, living in an old people's home outside Hamburg. 'I found her via a photographer who had known her since she was 14, when she posed for nude photographs,' Kunkel says.

"The 83-year-old was slightly taken aback by the novelist's visit, but agreed to help. She could recall only two 'polite, charming men' who approached her outside a tobacconist's kiosk in Berlin. The men had driven her and her sister in a black Opel Admiral -- the saloon car favoured by the Gestapo -- to the woods outside Hamburg. There she had disrobed.

" 'She told me she and her sister had had a threesome with a man. I found this a bit surprising,' Kunkel says. The novelist never did discover who the director of the film was, but he used the movies as the framework for his 622-page manuscript,"

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