Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dreams, Reality, Haromny! idols! miss-matching?

free use site, free use picture-gram of understanding dreams and practice.

ideology (secular or religious) is the same, near dreams and the gods, in genie land!

practice, everyday, and the mundane of reality are in the clear darkness which is good.

between the two areas is the mist of the hidden, the fog cover.

From the gods - genie land - of dreams come the idols. The idols point beyond themselves though the hidden to the genie land and purpose.

Also the idols can be made by nature and represent nature and mind dynamics too, areas of socieities. Like a mountain, as an idol! (its eyes are caves and crevaces, its vagina is the burrowing cave into the mountain and below ground).
interactive! so bod enters into the vagina... nothing new there!

The mist of the hidden is a place of chaos, the lost and confusion. It is of the deamons asura. it is cold and wet = hell! (a different hell then).
but underground also cold and wet (hell), cool and wet or warm and wet - paradise bunker!

The idol defines practice, practice defines the god. maybe idol should then represent the practice, or sorcery to change it (practice or idol).

tech gunk observation, miss-match! Temples of Diana, Temples of Venus. ok. but churches (temples) of Jesus which conflict with his criteria and protacol (Protacol: bread & wine bar, upstairs, not cruelty-slander-gossip. sex orgy agape meal - gnostic), and conform instead~ to diana (short hair, washed even when not smell (sex smell good purfume), shaved males (jesus hippy look-alike), not adam-eve-lilith nude; so its idols really should be Diana! Capitalist huntress, instead of Communist (not-Marxist) saint Peter, Socialist Jesus! (not liberal, socialist!).. liberals say blessed are the rich.
this equals a miss-matching! not good. not proper label! change label and idols - easy (Mammon gold baal, Diana), or change practice (sorcery...see Jesus guy scripture scribblings). this makes harmony which is stability and sane, reality reflection and good. Is more truthful and honest! feel better! function better!

none-theory science ~(forget darwin the piltdown and einstein the jew)~ is an eye to reality and nature, if you have an ear to hear, and eye to see, a nose to scent, a skin to feel, a mind to connect-disconnect and interprete. behold a revelation and a guide! (see tech~)

natural nudes, nippon-japan. (ofcourse). vid to watch if you want to.

Adv Que 's WarpForce. free online game sifi (high good graphics, like mortal combat only turn based not-high-intensive concentration-slave). si-fi.

has missions around the battle adversery of the network,

tips= if like ranged chose gunner, if like melee choose other one. makes no real difference. poss chose drakel species if like tech, but not exclusive thing. When level, go to lower deck, fight dark spiderman for stat increase (melee choose strength, gunner choose dex, tech choose intelligence, all chose after luck and endureance ). Get a Pet, helps you in combat! Can battle monsters, random for light relief and exp-leveling. Also if problems, go to engineering deck and get the droid necromancer. (warp guardians is its member add-on missions in the tower).
in making a look of a character, hair means color of hair, face means hair style. can make green and blue skin if you wanted. use latest weapons from shops, but... check enemy combat disc for their element % and if below 100 in weapons element use different weapon at over 100% if can. also check their ranged/melee defence... if you want to swap. bit slow cut seens in flash 8+ (you have it yess), not quite a song and dance of it ~usually.

spoof. landover baptist USA church. heresy. (dianic-ianna).
falls into the catch 22 trap mindset: of no replacement... thus default perpetuation of the evil religion(s). also a semetic montheistic trap! what of the other gods, no two alike = real diversity and culture.

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