Thursday, 27 August 2009

Democracy made easy. Kebo Party system.

Kebo party system for finding electees to vote for.

1 a cause
2 fellow people
3 an idol. (usually)
can be adapted to use without idol or statue but not as good)

steps. need to elect officials who are for a year or until resign or abandoment of post, or voted off for bad doing:

idol (~voice of). all talk addressed to idol not anyone else.
idol runs thought the issues logged.

skribe. keeps log of votes and reports.
chunk. keeps log of cash if any and spends it as directed by vote.

mass movement, no membership fees, often held in public under idol or statue seated on ground.

needs founding cause for finding people to put forward as hopeful electees for wider voting for ~(hopefuly) into office so can then run amok and legally smash up the place, burn the books, change policy, fire deranged beaurocrats and hire kebo as replacements etc...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

fall of barberianism

Beowulf died fighing the firedrake dragon in anglo-saxon legends.

the bull is stronger than the matador
(but beef is usually eaten).

casuals united (english defence league reach)
edl site not racist either. created as an idea by BNP....

Monday, 17 August 2009

shadow of the divines

the star of illumination did not rise

the evil do not so willingly

muslim demographics.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

war avoidable... at a price

'if my sons did not wish it, there would be no war'
- Mayer Rothschild, jew (diana).
also king of kings and Messiah.

levels of the onion, layer is built upon layer.
of right, or of wrong.
that is a choice.

the cult of the onion grow strong.

it is the onion of diana.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Mars Interplanetary-orbit space station and research base

Assembled in earth orbit the Inter-Planetary Orbit Spaceship would be a big vessel that goes to Mars orbit. (journey time 1.5 years)

from there a large landing craft can desend with human and droid crew and set up a research station with webcam, green-house triple-glazed eco-systems and data relay to earth (20 min relay), plus a heap of climate-droids. crew can bring back rust-soil, rocks and drill-core plus atmosphere.

Monday, 3 August 2009

The Iron Planet, sand-storms

Mars is the iron planet that has oxidized and is 4th from the sun, the star sol.

it has a thin atmosphere of OCO or CO2 called carbon dioxide.

ice on mars?

HOOH hydrogen peroxide on mars.
a corrosive (oxidizer).
HH h2 hydrogen found in mars atmosphere.
co2 OCO mist on mars.
mars sandstorms make hydrogen peroxide. thin atmosphere 1/100th, storms last months.
different view.
iron and carbon alloys, steel.
carbon to iron alchemy, electric arc air.