Saturday, 31 October 2009

Valley of Pleasure

Valley of Pleasure.
(it still exists btw)

History Gunk:
after the spetacular and glorious defeat of the islamic army of Prophet Mohammed at Uhud by the pagan followers of Hubal and Uzza (Venus) the prophet in question took his army to the village of women in the Valley and they all had 3 days of an orgy. for fun, or rather for pleasure (muta).

technically the example of the Prophet (& Companions) ie Sunnah.

As for the preggos, thats her gift (some say problem but thats nice).
her look out some say. this at lest reflects nature.

having a fuck.

the women of Uzza, maids of uzza or Uzzayan, were at the time busy being gangbanged by the victorious pagan army, as they promised. so two orgies where going on at the same time... ermm win win?

Paradox Magi-sorcery mind-twister

other than pays to advertise
does the chick hate pink?
weird double standards thing.

err notice the alledged 'Tel Aviv beach wear' in the photo?

me neither.

religons a bit warped here me thinks...

still if they wanna cause offence to a religion, then that is probably because the religion offended them, as indocrinated children too! so they would have a legitamate right to be angry.

and who cares over offending buddha in attire? as in why does that even matter to say a christian? not hot.

But then some traditions view things differently.

you didnt think the middle chick was from argentina, shes not. like me you think she is an american patriot. she is.

Might Cause Religious Offence!! (this way)

The phrase Ummah Wahida in the Qur'an (the "One Community")

The Constitution of Medina, an early document said to have been negotiated by Muhammad in AD 622 with the leading clans of Medina, explicitly refers to Jewish and pagan citizens of Medina as members of the "Ummah".

anyway as i was saying might cause offence to...err...the cult of diana.

luckly it cant offend buddhism (top left), christianity, or hinduism. phew!
(followers would know this unless they got cultic and somehow lost the tread - like count on that happening - and strangly hijacked... not too unlike a cult of the prude goddess.)

we only left out islam because you havent searched the site properly.

Zurvan and soggy Diana's Betrayal

Zurvan is time, and gave birth to markers of time, and a true scientific and natural way to be.

Diana the fallen angel, betrayal of the natural design and order.

Was the moon given to all.. or only some. only one?
In this she varies.

The good sun shines on all.

It is Venus who welcomes him.

Zurvan, Sun and Moon

Zurvan, time and space, with the sun and the moon that she birthed.

not twins really, and the sun was born first.

still pre-scientific eras had there then revelation for then.

time passes to now.

(this is not a statement of the later good god cult of the Zoroastrianism descendant of the sun god cult).
times passes, times change, with time.

Zurvan Time

Zurvan, she is time and space.
and fate, of a type.

cycles of time, reoccuring themes.

Green Tara

GreenTara, enlightened activities.
free use, site,

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha.
free use.

White Tara

White Tara, Compassion.
free use.

Goddesses of Destiny

Goddesses of Destiny:
Venus and Diana.

Nude Venus, or Clothed Diana?
catch 22.
a nude venus was banned by the Imperial Pagan Romans, so the statue was taken to Greece for public display as Aphrodite.
a fanstasic bit of artwork.
The other glory of Civilization!
ha ha!

behold the destiny of civilizations, and the individuals too.

voice of white opera?

GaGa Lady Fuck thing Night Entertainer

Celeb Gaga Lady, a night entertainer, to hatch from egg, leaves false eye lashes, fucked in new york taxi.

Eggs dont hatch in the snow.
shaadda shaadda.
"I actually hatch out of an egg in the show," Gaga revealed to Dallas radio station KISS 106.1. "That's the beginning of the show. It's kind of the beginning of evolution. I begin as a cell."

Gaga went on to explain that the concept "is based on this theme of evolution, which has a lot to do with how I've changed over the years, and is a symbolic way of describing myself as a person, as Gaga.""

I left my puddle for you to sniff too.
Leaves her eyes lashes on pillows. sweet gimmik. sex-band swap-gifter style.
The morning after she has sex, she peels off her long fake eyelashes and leaves them on her lover's bed as a keepsake.

She said: "Whenever I have a lover I leave them in their apartment on the pillow. Kind of like a keepsake."

Faster? There's a speed limit you know?
sneaky sex good, done in New York city Taxi, USA.
"[It was] in the back of a taxi in New York," she said. "It was fun. "I would do it again,"

Madonna, guideing comrade of the 80s in sexy music-entertainment sees something of herself in Gaga, probably her tongue.

official Gaga youtube. Ianna, ! contains violence.
poker face. (its semite)

My Song in the Night. Talbernacle troop. slow loader.
fast loader. (depends on usage viewers)

Outlaws (insurrection revolutionaries)

sometimes heros emerge to combat outlaws!

a sure thing.

INRI - he was exicuted for being king of the jews (not Ariel Sharon the other one).

dusk till dawn intro.
exotic dancer. woman with snake. temple ish innaa.

Friday, 30 October 2009

anti-skitzophrenia drugs deficiency - capitalism

Force of Evil.

"He swept to office on the back of a promise to break with tradition. But John Bercow, the Speaker of the Commons, has been accused of taking his shake-up of the role too far after he unleashed an attack on the British National Party.

Centuries of political impartiality demanded of the Speaker were rolled back in spectacular fashion by Mr Bercow yesterday, as he described the far-right party as "evil", adding that it was a "poison which we could well do without". It is thought to be the first time that a Speaker has ever launched such an assault on a legal party.

Mr Bercow, who was in the Speaker's chair to oversee the first ever UK Youth Parliament session taking place in the Commons, earned cheers and even a standing ovation from the delegates for his outburst. "I'm under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to be impartial as between the forces of democracy on the one hand and the forces of evil on the other," he said. "I do feel very, very, very strongly as someone from a Jewish background that the evil of the BNP is that its whole politics is based upon and driven by hate. That is a poison which we could well do without."

While the Speaker is always expected to remain independent while overseeing business in the Commons.."link.

"The Israeli immigration minister Eli Yishai has announced his firm intention to deport all illegal aliens because their presence “damages the state’s Jewish identity, constitute a demographic threat and increase the danger of assimilation.”

The demand of Israel to be a Jewish state underpins the existence of that nation — and is identical to the British National Party’s demand for Britain to remain an ethnically majority British state.

Speaking to the Israeli media after refusing to concede on demands for the children of illegal immigrants to be made exempt from deportation proceedings, Mr Yishai said he was adamant over his decision that all illegal foreign workers and their families must leave the country.

“Minister Yishai is not ready to give a permanent residency to these children. Their parents, who are staying illegally, are using their children to whitewash their presence,” Mr Yishai’s spokesman, Roee Lahmanovitz told the media.

“Allowing this group residency would create a dangerous precedent which could eventually fundamentally change the Jewish character of Israel,” he said.

“We are not a safe haven, period. We should not damage the character of the Jewish state simply out of clemency.”

Allowing these children to stay in Israel “is liable to damage the state’s Jewish identity, constitute a demographic threat and increase the danger of assimilation,” Mr Yishai added later. “We are not an asylum state.”

According to official figures, some 222,000 foreign workers live in Israel, including 107,000 who have exceeded their work permits. These illegal aliens come from countries as widely disparate as Ghana and the Philippines.

The arrival of hundreds of thousands of foreign workers has already transformed many streets of the once predominantly Tel Aviv into a series of Asian and African food stores, restaurants, Internet cafes and karaoke bars." link.


...remember, capitalist states dont provide for the people.

it logically follows you cannot import more harmoniously.

(competion for jobs, housing and wages level)

also ironic to note: there is allways zero unemployment in nations that provide it, ie genuine socialist states (or beginning or real state civilizations).

such as National Socialist Germany, the USSR-CCCP soviets, North Korea (the latter two socialist nation Stalinist).

It does not occur in asperant nation attempts, that do not provide it; ofcourse.. but where there is capitalism there is it seems an outbreak of insanity! or is it isa versa.?.

transcendent politics. anyone notice racism?

nations better off without american capitalist looters! no really¬!

this made me giggle.

" Bolivia, the poorest country in South America, had been operating under IMF agreements for 20 consecutive years, and had a per capita income lower than it had been 27 years earlier. Evo sent the IMF packing just three months after he took office, and then moved to re-nationalize the hydrocarbons industry (mostly natural gas). Needless to say this did not sit well with the international corporate community. Nor did Bolivia's decision in May 2007 to withdraw from the World Bank's international arbitration panel (ICSID), which had a tendency to settle disputes in favor of international corporations and against governments.

But Bolivia's re-nationalization and increased royalties on hydrocarbons has given the government billions of dollars of additional revenue (Bolivia's entire GDP is only about $16.6 billion, with a population of 10 million people). These revenues have been useful for a government that wants to promote development, and especially to maintain growth during the downturn. Public investment increased from 6.3 percent of GDP in 2005 to 10.5 percent for 2009. Bolivia's growth through the current world downturn is even more remarkable in that it was hit hard by falling prices for its most important exports - natural gas and minerals, and also by a loss of [un]important export preferences in the U.S. market..."

Read more at:"
nice one bolivia! aka 'Iz seemz to av more goodz now the riotz av been stopped!'. 'that right?'

Free W/C @ Sodominaz barz zone14inn

available free public w/c toilets can be found at the Sodominaz Barz in zone 14inn(er).

(there are similar ones in 23perimiter/outer ).

upstairs room no door has lots of marked holes ( for chicks) in the floor through which you can see the people below, sometimes see-through plastic floor too.
chicks toilet show your pussy to the bar below and shit falls down the shit-wall into a trough. considered entertainment by some.

piss urinals (both the male and female ones connect - infact they are unisex) lead either to a twisted tube run upon (or in a see though plastic) shit wall. Or leads to a water-fall toy with spinning water wheel and other such gimmiks.

has special piss chairs for the public (rather than the sitting on the floor), in the bar room, where you can piss though the chair, grooves-channel on the floor. also urine offering statue of ianna-diana idol. (genuine offering) for use.

have hourly anal sex chick shows, different sodominaz each time, 25/8. (hundreds of sodominaz on the books, its a socialist owned enterprise). They have a rota.
often do a shit afterwards for public appreciation.

also piss in the glass shows, and free beer-or spirt for most filled cup competions for the public, also hourly. (for guys they must stand and piss in the cup betwen the sodominaz tits without touching penis from behind the line - she gets wet).
she's hired.(julia).

and at another timed interval is the feel inside a cunt. if the que isnt too long. 5 min, so there should be something happening within 15 min of entering the place, often sooner as the respective shows and events are staggered.

never actually closes.

often the sodominaz are available for hire afterwards and other hopefulls on the list will be whoreing around inside and outside, but are kept in order by state officials (no nasty calling either way) and have chicks for hire zones.

so there is the slack assed anal-sod slags, and plently of piss and poop space.

(the excrement is recycled for methane extration as fuel or cracked for plastic polymers and then used as farm fertilizer (after detox).
state owned.
it sticks soo bad you get used to it after a time.

entertainment zone hash mujra nudist vice

zone 14 inner entertainment zone,

hash, booze and mujra!

excellent idea.
and nudist, and vice.

unaccustomed freedom.

video worth downloading.
london-pak mujra dancer pussy-nude.
thats entertainment!

zone 14 outer disco. hindi.

"who to bod woe believes in the gods, yet woe to bod who ignores them more" - proverb.

(update: our baths are unisex ofcourse. individual though, for health reason.)

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Nu Mecca, round core

New Mecca al Haram and Kaba district.

a huge building project is well underway to x3 the capacity of pilgrims from 900,000 to around 2,700,000. This is due to the increase in pilgrims who during hajj month overflow the masjid-mosque as huge crowds on the streets surrounding it bringing downtown mecca to a halt.

the development also includes hotels to help cope with the millions of hajj pilgrims, and shopping districts for them to spend their money.

news: 100s of saudi youth run amok looting shops in ice-cream riot.
Suddenly, scores of young men began smashing windows and breaking into the stylish shops nearby. They trashed inventories of sunglasses, crystal glass, clothes and ice cream. They stole cash from the tills, overturned furniture, ran off with copying machines. In all, about 30 shops and restaurants were badly vandalized before police arrived and managed to arrest about 80 of the looters."

"...some vandals were heard to cite U.S. support for Israel as a reason for attacking Pizza Hut and Starbucks..."

mass floggings afterwards.

zone lesbianas ( <23

providing safe zones for everyone... kind of.

lesbian bondage.
hot. kissing...
ianna temple.

zone <2 and <3 outer Ianna core, nuns lesbians

well there is porn in 2 and 3 outer, ianna core!


the virgin hide-away. Lesbian central.

people found wearing chastity belts or purity rings get habited in this zone as will-full dissidents. they are, could take a long time with their rehab. if ever.

dont care over science, biology, sexology, Venus, other peoples needs, becoming an adult of the species or true socialism!

...good place for hot lesbian sex.
male ones get put here too unless they turned up first.

lick it song.
not a hetro biologically normal sex place.

2 & 3 outer of ring have all the gay bars.

still have to follow tule temple law, often have to be dragged there protesting. need locksmith too. and restraints. sociopathic.

officials require armed escort. (hide the lapels they spit on them). bring a stun prob baton and helmit with vizor. no respectors of authroity.

live entertainment.
carted off.
monthly fuck fuck time.
looked peaceful to me.
anti capitalism. sounds good.

more porn.
desktop dykes.

zone 1 and 4 outer, family place

zone 1 outer, 4 too.

virgins, suspected bethroths, former married/secretly married, monogos. weird ianna cultists.

also mystical retreats, libedo recouperators, and visitors. (who need time to ajust culturally) and who likely share a lot in common anyway with the dissidents. also temple sex 1 day a month non-attenders: ie tula law breakers. prudes sentenced to be there as holding place for disruption of other zones. blasphemers against Goddess Venus.

many of the signs they made themselves and in no way reflect the law. dont expect to find much porn though and they might infringe you nude rights. often utterly boreing.

will most like pray for you.

warning! contains non-socialists! (so does 1 4 inner too)

silent night, Mormon.
Stille Nacht.
nice tune. they dont mean the same when
another song.

Zones >1 >4 inner Entertainment

notorious zones >1 and >4, inner ring, entertainment zones.

here you will find fun bars and its is legal to be drunk, take cannabis, be stoned, hire unusual services, buy illegal weapons and contraband, distribute dissent properganda, find nude bars, lap dancers, weird kink shows and for hire, chicks who do it up the ass too (sodominas).
and fab fashion.

also sleep-over tiny rooms or bunks available very cheep.
(vomit washable floor, no carpets). some are free if availabe (more like a cuboard with bolt).

remember 'real men dont rape in zone >inner 1 or 4, thats what zone >23 inner is for'.
(gay bars are in zone <23 outer ianna core) might be dangerous at night. special police-manat teams wear boxing gloves at night in this zone. dont fall for a sparring match, they are sober and have had lots of practice. lots of loud music. some bars age specific. nude and fucking is ok. no fire arms/leathel weapon allowed. doom spray is ok/pepper/cs if you are not banned for misuse of it. often smells of urine. delicious cooked-insects and spice-fried maggots on sale... along with weird exotic earthling food too from around the world.

bellydancer. this one clothed,

Zone 6 cum sluts dogging

fabulous zone 6 !
hot chicks and cock hungry cum sluts! sex central.

free to fuck.

cum up the sluts venus pipe and fill her with cum! bring you mates and share them.

note: prudes will be arrested.
(no warning)

chicks to show tits or pussy where warm. or nude.

just fuck her.

porno vids link, doggers.
no drunks.

Zone 5, feel free there to be used

Zone 5 if you like the look of her feel free to fuck her.

please cum on her rather than in her thank you.
mouth is ok for cum.

for cumming inside chicks please visit zone 6 (hot sluts).

please report unwilling chicks to the police for arrest/warning to them over zone behaviour.

accepting nature.
females to submit

forum link..

zone >3 or >2 inner organised zoneing!

our answer = zone!
legal to, cum on her bush, face, legs etc.

without zones you have chaos!

(just as zones >1 >4 inner are red light zones of tollerance/acceptable/right place good)

nature isnt going away.
freedom can (for a time).

muggers and hitters and shouters will be arrested (try the outer zones) or zones 14 inner whores. ! (same with drug dealing/pushing)
might still be arrested.

really neat ideas 101

education links.

so why not everywhere? zones better idea!

City Core, Venus Zone

progressing the mind though adaption to adult hormones and biological adult development to the adult needs finds us at the enterence to the city core.

The Venus Zone and Cum Zoners.
probably a femminist exit time.
condomers go to 14 inner. (italian chicks)

23 inner ) jap train sex, public sex. Its no crime though.
aka rape zone, no complaints.
getting cunt wet for sex. good.
yes women can be forced to cum.
French chicks.

5 dogging, compliant jap train sex. chicks willing, willing to submit.
Jap chicks~.

6 dogging sluts, the chicks keen for sex.
rough guide.
dogging chicks.

sex big honor of attraction and sexyness for the glory of nature.
yes are animals, bunny types; science. otherwise thinking is delusion fantasy.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Price of Freedom, Wall and zone-ing

price of freedom = wall.

universal ideology and creeds?
sure, there are many of them.
they clash if given the chance to.

functional design indicates a harmonious way to be.
therefor there is a non harmonious ways to be.

there is day and there is night.
there is sane and insane.

(and there is not-peace)

and there is keeping the peace. (avoid) counter crime. iceland. france.

other gunk:
corea-del-nord. vid.
dprk travel. guided tours.
DPRK faq.

City Zoneing symbol guide, Tula law

damage limitation, equal association. ie the zone-ing idea.
err happy like with like...(sure)

also applies to practices and buildings including religious buildings.
(nearly all your religions are ianna outer)
gay marriage churches 23 ianna
other place of marriage/promotion 14 outer.
temples not doing marriage or handfastings...(do you have any?)
brothels, red light zone, 14 inner
porn chick slut, 23 inner nice
or 14 inner bad.
nudes 14 inner. (nudity is legal under tula law. this means it is illegal to oppose it)

might surprise you. 23 outer kink. ianna 'central'/core. 23 outer. protesters.
14 outer humor, python. 'the married' and monogos. 'dats my slave'. 14 outer marriage.
music, country. 14 inner. date zone.
ten bad cities.

Spinning Stars, hovercraft all-terrain legion

some people have still not learnt the lessions (many) of history ~(their own!), nor assimilated it. some cultures find this easier to to than others.

but most societys are still young (the industrial revolution is 200-300 years old only which is only 2 or 3 centuarys and not 20-30 millennia yet..)

uk is really only 300 years old ~(scotland conqured in 1700)
beginning of empire. ahah!
USA 1776 thats.. just over 200.

music. human rodenish-kind.
mammels song again

religions are young too.
islam - since 600 ad-ish is 1400
christianity - since 100 ad ~(scriptureish book revelation 90 ad) # 1900
buddhism - since 500 bc-ish is around 2500
Konfu-cious similar 2500 ish
Tao-Dao maybe 2600~
Judaism (Moses law giver) 3167 +9 (some give instead the abraham leaving Ur of Sumer as a nomad but he also fathered the arabs circa 3800~)
Nuada Tuatha de Dannan (picto-celt) 3850~
Egypt-Kemmet 5100~ since the unification of the two kingdoms by Menes 1st
Akkadia-Babylonia-Iraq 6500~ maybe (who knows?)
Canaanite 9000+~ jericho (penis worship and nude venus worship and animal spirit totems)

hovercraft. wild.
beach lander.
hovercraft extreme racing.
err ianna logic here: brits find hovercraft profitable and fastest soo.. stop them!
2000 ce. (observation: capitalists, non zero-denied work party state establishment.). selective inbreeding.
massive hova-craft.

human society, urban design City

with design of same-houseing system, in differing zones of similar inclination.

1-4 iannas various levels
left to right.
aligning more with nature (housing transfer, like employment in zero-denied work state) according to aptitude.

like with like.

so 2,3 outer; the most imperial prude ianna, (why should she be adult sex accepting? do you know that zone?). hostile.
inc.males hostile to sex for others (=hostile to sex,skizo)
monogo at best. (subject to monthly temple sex law as is under tula law)
inc. nuns, lesbians, child-access restricted etc.

2,3 progressed (serial monogo-ish); 'i'm hot but we didnt fuck'.
from 4,4 or 1,1 improvement. (either way direction), ( the acceptors of substitution/projection there of/devient sexual harassment)

eg: (call someone gay end up in ianna 1-4 outer zone, not a topic of interest except to the sexually-repressed substitutional-projection - thus- denials of fantasy origin). girl uses it for her not fucking, go outer side 1-4.
(ie: 'wanna fuck?' 'no i cant because you are gay, but i would if you werent' !??)
(kind of monogo). will if you pay them usually.

5,6 biologically adult humanoid zone. alligned to adult scientifically in theory and practice (6). (5 in practice, non-hostile to theory either).
would take something for even porn chicks to move from 2,3 to 5 from urf, due to the socialist universiallity. (5 did then, 6 loved it-looks for it, 2/3-inner didnt but had a good reason). 'piss off loser' is 1-4 inner. 'i'm married' is 1-4 outer, and 'your other gender/adult /but its sex' is ianna core 2-3 outer.

porn link.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

City Hold, urban design, star federation pentapolis

urban city design, the star federation method. (nomad)

inner core Tula-tulla good adults, with hive birth-raise.

outer ring, ianna more dissident to nature adult.

outer star side, bad
inner star side, mid

inner core good.
outer sider lesser good
inner sider greater good

the star network exists for autonomy and freedom (to the scientific ideology) as cities in alliance or federation.

this requires each city to provide trade and produce exchange, protection and relief.

so refugees are automatically accepted, housed, fed and worked-paid from any city of the star. (could a socialist state do otherwise?)

and.. they will be returned to their city, and traide and equipped as part of the city legion return-force.
(tech: their-city aided legion)

brotherhood and comrades, sisterhood and comrades, comrades comrades.

neat ideas 101 (aka the penta-polis)

associated gunk tech:
crime support. (although paid to oppose crime, these cowards will support the criminals against the victims of crime... as police empolyers, parents, staff, politicians, media, etc, and so not Mannat, our zoltian procedure 'police')
cowardice in the face of the enemy, aiding the enemy, assistance to the enemy, enemy of the collective. weird link for outline. (ianna hostile to adult sex link)
also interesting to note with us you cannot outlaw what is not outlawed. (as employers, parent-child-slavers, religions do - that would be a crime of prohibition of the law, mutany, insurrection, rival state 'despot') - its an organised thing (good for sanity).
indigenous history month..evil? do You support or oppose? defining indigenous peoples by race - forensic anthropology... all or some races only?
skitzophrenia awareness.
(xeno-species awareness).

behold the lunatics who consider it evil and oppose afterall! haha
(where allowed to see this video, this offer does not extend to the slave states)

Pussy Fur shapes ! :)

pussy fur shapes:

tooth brush
brush or landing strip
round (target)
shield (possibly shield maiden)
T or penis anvil
delta or reception desk
lawn, spread or oasis
to even the very hairy mountain valley.

furry pussy luxory.
hairy divas.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Sex Styles Lingo 3

Even more sex positions and names for them.

Gyne, doc, sitting chick in chair.
spread legs.

girl-piss is then the guy is sitting in the chair.

biker and bunny vary on the placement of the hands.
forms of doggy ofcourse.

includes shake, greetings, friends, penis masturbation.

more porno.

Sex Positions and lingo 2

More sex positions and lingo!

mecca is the lower doggy style.

police is hands on the wall style.
police search or search is standing police.

cum birther or orgasm birther is wish-Y holding her legs.

for oral fore-after fuck there is wood-pecker (crouching)
lolly-pop (cock-sucker)
and samurai, (kneeling).
(and jap, standing bow)

combined is the slider - one each end. (also the rock-chick and split-roast)

porno link.

there is the girl piss; female sitting on guys cock-lap, she standing, he on sofa-chair.
standing or sitting ofcourse! (with or without the pissing).

Sex Positions lingo !

see picture-fotos!

click it for bigger view.
free use ofcourse.

fucking vids.

belly-dancer is a kneeling spider (or crab).

cow or milk-cow is a standing doggy.

snake is a writhing or twisted Wish (or Y), genie (genie-lamp) is a wishing to cum Wish-Y, through rubbing the clit need.

ianna Anal guide for PMS-T cure

ianna Anal sodo is a cure for pms-pmt adult-fem nappy week.

can double penitrate vagina and ass. (double up).

normally should use vagina-pussy juice-chucker instead of ass poop-chucker.

introducing anal to a female. guide.

1 make ass wet with slippy slide.
2 make cock wet with slippy too.
3 use anal-only sex toy up ass to open it up.
4 can fuck in the ass.

5 she might shit herself and guys cock (washes off with soap).
6 pull out if she says 'pull out i'm gonna shit'. ahah! top magic there!
7 its still a shit hole and shit sex.
8 take penitration easy and slow... until the slag is used to it up her poop-chucker.
9 sodo her ass nice and slow style. vagina designed for fucking, ass isnt.
10 have newspaper and bin bag for when, like when not if, she shits. which she probably will.
11 only time a condom could be used. unless you are a joke.
12 feel free to ass-toy her ass instead as you dont have to put your cock up the sodomina's ass if you dont want to guys. and-or get another guy or two round to anal-sodo the ianna, make a party of it!
13 'i'm a girl do i have to if he-they wants it?'. yes. so prepare! with these tips.
and there is getting a girl-friend round be be sodo'ed by im as a substitute.

female having a shit, fart fart. not graphic.
vids, sodo-anal.

if in doubt use her vagina-pussy-cunt. thank you.
10% of population regular do anal-sodo, which is not many folks.

avoid ass-to-mouth as can cause tooth infection, and other infections too. its a waste disposal unit. have fun enjoy it.

Summer-Winter near polar difference Ле́то-Зима

Temperate between summer and winter solstaces variates the more, the further from the equator and as located nearer to the poles (either polar region).

summer and winter stand in contrast. (especially in-land in the regions).

neto summer

Зима winter

Happy Halllow'een Mohammed?

Hallow'een, the dawn of the northern winter.

Q2:22 Who made the earth a bed for you, and the heaven a roof Firasha
Q. 43:10 (Yea, the same that) has made for you the earth (like a carpet) spread out Mahdan
Q. 50:6-7 What, have they not beheld heaven above them, how we have built it, and decked it out fair, and it has no cracks? And the earth -- We stretched it forth, and cast on it firm mountains, and we caused to grow therein of every joyous kind Madadnaha
Q. 51:48 And the earth we have spread out, and how excellently do we spread it out! Farashnaha
Q. 71:19 And God has laid the earth for you as a carpet Bisata
Q. 78:6 Have WE not made the earth as a bed, And the mountains as pegs Mihada

retorical questions in the Quran-Koran-Coran of Arabia.

Poetically grand in its vision and scope.

The shifting sands...
But who is WE? behold henotheism!
the moslems-muslims you see have one (of the) gods, for them.
they have no other than her... as a cult. this does not mean there are no others!
(obviously there ARE in practice too).
the curse of henotheism, and cultic mistaken for monotheism.
(ie well we have only one of the gods, therefore~, there is only one god = flaw)
this problem afflicted the Jews too and still does.

Thor, your opinions as you are a god (this is magi-craft sorcery ofcourse).
Thor-Donna: "Nein! WE did Not. Or do you sleep in a frozen tomb?"

Gods of latitude it seems?
Happy Hallow'een!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tula Sex Medic (phobias)

Tula priestess sex medic


tight cunt? worried thing get stuck in it like his cock?

use spermicide lube for wet slippy cunt!
water-based to protect cervix cap.
(avoid vasiline and petrolium based slippy as they perish rubber in time)

suck cock first. siliva-spit gets cock wet and gives chance for vagina to expand and get wet and hot too.

if 'virgin stuck'
often a subconcious fear of preggo... but with his cock in cunt is not helping!
always moring after pill (not RU486) or spermicide.

2 rub clit button under the hood above vagina. erogj zone, stimulator and turn on.
hot hot, makes cunt wet = slippy slide.

wait for his penis to ejaculate and shrink enough. watch something boreing on telly, cover tits talk mundane. takes time.


guys boost sex drive?
no pants - no tight briefs. increases tesostrogen production. one method.
effects in 1hour, 3 days ookie as mind-body change to level of production changes.
...could swallow cum. more a girl thing that though..

but guys need self control from agression?
get de-spunked as need!
or wear/sleep in too, tight briefs = reduction of tesostrogen (reduces agression and libedo, and over time strenght too...depends on your work).
effects in 1 hour, 3 days ookie as change and adapt.
err.. stop swallowing cum. if applies.

good sex drive boost =also the b vitamins (both genders) and also frolic acid, very good one.

girls: swallow cum. boosts tesostrogen levels! (sex drive).
also stabalises fem cycle! have to find over your level of cum intake, regualar.
happy cock-sucker cum-swallower!

worried over HIV?
use neat lemon
juice (jiff) up cunt on dick... ouch!!
(kills on contact!)
easy that one.

use cervix cap. is safe and can slut it for natural cum cream pie sex up the fucker.
natural sex cumed-in cunt very good sex for orgasming! (and next guy taking turn)

avoid anal. bust virgin hymen with sex toy game, let heal up! (adult)

watch teen sharp teeth on penis. practice on bananas. (no fucking teen mouths)
(natural for guys to hip thrust when penis in a chick anywhere. nature programming. teeth blunt with age .

sex is nature requied for adults (adult hormone effected) for mind well being.
protects from nasty agression and mental illness.

virgin ad funny. nurse one.
genuine gyne pelvic exam!. medic vid
will for doc. identifying hostile ianna? lesser than, greater than? favoured, disfavoured. whos the mug?
expanded cunt, for easy sex. good for birthing... ~(what ianna lunatic wants tight cunt for births? or virgin birth?)

Healthy Slut 101 banana & 5 tea for me

Tula Sex Medic

immune system boosters= vitamin D3 (verses cancer!) found in bananas.
which are good practice for oral.

5 tea cups a day. contains hight tannin, as does oak bark (used by ancient druids). general immune boost.

need libedo sex drive?
try B vitamins!
and frolic acid, found together in some health food dispencer shops.

cervix cap for vaginal protection from : preggo, hiv, aids, and cervical cancer too! no zombie drugs!
the mini pill will protect you from the first three (hardens womb-uterus lining).
try and electric car or deisel run on chip pan oil ~(unleaded is safer as lead is a cancergen evil).
also spermicide ~(not alive, auto die in 10 days regardless) for the wet not hurt vagina penitration.

avoid doing anal.

safe safe happy slut.

the B sex vitamins found in agricultural produce of farms like bread-wheat and chicken eggs and nuts and coastal areas of venus fish...are curiously not in abuncance in deserts. this means the hebrews in sinai and the arabs had less of such in ancient times... like in the pre-scientific era. Astarte, Aphrodite and Venus sluts associated with coastal B vitamins and agriculture (venus). ahah!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Free Humans

freedom! :)

not just a human thing!

get me out of here now!!

The White Lady, niqab not the problem

It should not be the niqab that is the problem, it is the islam.

defence of beauty from women and guys, now thats magic!

hides ugly too.

quite enlightened in that but...

its also body prude and hostile to sex. that is the bad bit.

as for non acceptance of nudes and nakked people, well that a bad bit too, but you didnt need islam for that.

Ianna dildo porn (substitution). do not copy ass to mouth, tula tip. risk infection.

it is not what you have in differnce in attire-dress that is the problem;
but that which you both have in common! (contravines nature natural nude).


(NYPD USA arrest woman who is, not covered up). needs the islamic nasheed music added to it.

Anti-Elections Protesters Dragged-Off UK, Vote Folly Fad wear-off

Anti-Election campaigners were dragged off at counter-political pannel-questioning on the gunk viewer. (pictured two females against the vote for women & men - egalitarian-Imperialism aka ianna).

core-nomads BNP ~former-pending alteration ~mono-race party of the UV habitat zone natives people, gained +3000 ~to be allowed membership with court allowed criteria, plus 6000 dunk alignmenters (article). not bad for a party of 10-12 000 members.

(dogs Diana), Aristo-Plutocratic folly fad, like a student council or company-friendly 'union', Question Time' BBC UK fee-viewer (lisence fee not free) has worn-thin and though and dispenced after 30 years of pseudo-liberalism and chosen-'public'-questions to reveal agenda as in-dogma acting-front of the Imperial Pets.

court alteration and pending 'non-gender equality bill' redundant the prohibitions on public-sector core-nomad membership.

Imperial officers of police unaware of if their line of counter-disorder police made any arrests at anti-elections abuse-riot, BBC hq. shove shove gob gob, viewer.

Does you AI need help with understanding words in english? Contact Droid remedial english bungers unit.

ie: gunk agenda translate:
one ideology under false-front = 3 partys (ianna Imperial 'multi-party' system) or multi-ideology true multi-partys?... of genuine different views.
(falling of the aristo-pluto stitch up fake-facade?)

voting method over terrorism-assassination-civil war producing voters choice, disfavoured vote problems for hidden 3 front cabal-syndicate?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Nature or Barter? Tullaa or Ianna?

cum cunt = Tulaa Side.
others = Ianna Side.

blessing await.

Blessing of Tula Adult Venus Tula happy happy

Thats why we zone and have a wall and security state (see Ianna Ianna).

Blessings of Tullaa Tula Venus Uzza in nature cum fuckings with the many, in this is spiritual awareness of the only true adult goddess, comrades of womanood united sluts of honor and truth!, fill you need!

the gods of nature released the adult hormones that give adult mind and needs, you you must change to meet the challenge as with them comrade!

toolaa is a socialist, it is true. her sacrifice is the willing and and the doing and the glory of the cum ejaculation and orgasm thrown in too.

its very human. .

Blessing of Ianna Virgin Huntress Diana bleeding times

Blessings of Ianna virgin huntress diana for the bleeding times that we might have denial of sex, lesbian purity and sexual repressed less than human sacrifice... so we dont have to free fuck.

for i am goddess and the other is aa slut (tulu cum cunt slut tula venus the slag)

honor me and i will reward you.

news, purtiy ring bans. :(
Purity ring sales.
hunting rifles info.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Impossible (not normal) Dakam Passive Sorcery ! jedi

impossible mind hijack psych attack?

weird huh?

but this is known to our magi-sorcery, Druids of nature craft and also the Dakam (ofcourse); and the legion for the aquired gifted above (you wont fool them other-wise).

it is jedi.

The da'kam passive mode mind attack really can defy all logic and explenation and turn attack, and attackers into mobelised infantry for the dakamic.

and others fall in fits and mind overload. they recover, sometimes changed beings.
so a dakam sorcery mind attack can change the course of battles and sides of ug thug aggressors or high minded opposers with few words....if any even!

as a swarm-scurry species such things are to be expected do to the collective urge.

oh yess, the male has two options - attack or run, and the female has maybe three, including the big be fucked in submission. normal, that is why females get wet cunts when opposed (to be fucked), but the male testes are held into the body for defence ~(attack or run). just a gimik

Popular Dakam spiritual tradition jedi

Popular Da'kam, the defensive martial art and sacred self control delight.

Dakam is general trained in less leathel civilian, and leathel plus military forms.

(and the Dakam mystics do what ever they please). they are held in such high reverence people feed them and fuck them and worship them unless stopped.

whole villages/districts can turn dakam if one mystic turn up, but over time. anyway, thats usually an improvement. 3 years ish.

yep the martial art. in this they move away from attack. the hand protect the body, the legs block (sparte) incoming kicks, - as moving away, and cycle to a side, for example the left arc (right eye dominat tradition).

bows occur from hands (both) to jaw upwards palm strick (the knock back of the fool), heart-solar plexis finger jab (illlegal), so turned into a bash upper body, knee strike belly hurt, groin strike kick. leg kick stop leg chop block (if that makes any sencse which it will to a karati-ka or dan.)

and escape away, check check surround awareness jump backer. normal

the military form includes ear eating and eye remove/ear pull off and eating barbarity and it utterly illegal in a non hostile combat situation.

no real high kicks except the jaw kick.

one trick is the low high body hight for the fit-able. but thats more specialist training. ~(including back knee chop - low duck) and land on head (high heel strick jumper).

the Dakam turn side ways profile to attacks to protect self and move away, with which they can prevent or lessen any impact. But their lightening-fast 'return to site' with blow is the killer or knock-out they trick you into. aka jump back attack.

use for your defence only please. thank you.

Da'kam Self-Control, Zen-Irfan-Zurvanistic thing

Dkm, Da'kam, Dah'khaam is the sacred mystical tradition of dark mindedness and iron self control over all impulses.


akin to Zen Buddhism and Shia Islamic Irfan.

so making the dakam sign the mystic of darkness has a focus - a tree a rock, and decreeses the second ghost image of the chop hand nearer to the first without vanish and loss of sight upon the target focus.

all urges go though the correct application and protocol pending decision.

was quickly turned into a martial art..

quick throw away there. very defensive inclined and considered too leathel for general training, the dakam take no notice and train all who watch and learn in silence.

aka the silent warriors of death (morkel).

Korea 조선민주주의인민공화국

Luckly its history.
America and UN starved to death 2 million north Korean children.

oh and amnesty international is concerened over humand rights abuses by north Korea in abu-bagrham noo..

Well the answerer is in K-III
you know the way right?

(dont mind the childrens' skulls - you didnt)

its ok, Northern Korea has nukes so fuck off cowboys and try Iran or DC goes giger.

music. new order, true faith (including ju'che i guess).

organised distribution over chaos and chance!

Space presents challenges.
this is obvious.
the trip to-at mars (sol 4) will show this good good to humans (earthling)

. tech gunk, sex the determinator when capable on demand for space travel. education 101.

as sex is natural for adults of a species, it is enevitable the cultural tranistion (restoration of Tula) will occur...some time. (speed up good good)
Music Sex in Space. more youtube so might get fucked-pruded by spam bot?

Davis and Lee Endevor-92 (ianna whores) saga. However, Russia has been suspected of being the first, but there is no prof anywhere.

More Evil Socialism State - Sight Tech for the Blind

Were you born into wealth and power?

or where you born into a Socialist State?

either way you see, its good.

if not the above

too bad.

your vote, your consumer power, your choice.

(this offer probably excludes Marxist states as Marx was a Jew recruited by the Rabbi Hiss in Paris)