Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Geographic Zones Global Soviet

Geographic Planetary Soviet.
Global or World Soviet... like the other two... Geo Soviet, which means comittee or forum thing.

This WOULD work on 6 allocated zones 1 to 6.
(not will, would).

The names are just a guide really, and include such but really they refer to the zone number soviet.

some people think in geographical terms rather than people terms.

each nation would have its own soviet which connects to the zone number soviet.
(ideally each district and city would have one too connecting to region, nation 6 zoned and nation soviet itself). This would not replace direct and representative democracy and institutons. Nor autonomy.

It would be good if the gods soviet had local groups down to every temple and church, masjid-mosque and such.

Here is where they are hiding:
1 UnaSur. Union of South America (inc. Comunidad Andina).
2 North American Union... your guess as good as mine.
3 AU Afrikan Union. Gulf Cooperation Council.(arabian).
4 EU Europa Union. Central Asian Union~
5 SAARC. South Asian Association Regional Cooperation. see six.
6 Asean. 5 ish.

news overview of above blocks. Towards Unity site.

UN United Nations.
or international organisations. there are a lot.

world newspapers, by nation.
world weather.

earth times. news.
world news, multi-lingual.

contains other links too.

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