Sunday, 1 November 2009

Temp or Lasting; Zone of Duty or zone not?

Obviously our ideal involves two zones outer 1 and 4.

one of them has to be for those who respect the duty of providing sex when needed (however unnaturally limited to one)

and the other is for those mental defects who cannot honor an agreement, follow procedure, keep good faith, follow logic or guidence, even be an adult woman, keep to a contract, break promises, believe in rape within marriage, femminists married, meet the spirit or letter of an agreemnet,..westerners?

so one zone for moslems and the second for non-muslims, i presume?
are you capable of agreement? at this present time? No two zones are really the same.... i mean we need one zone for the sane, ish, and the other for kindred types but insane....

only rule of thumb. will vary. you know where 23 outer is right?... of for some, 14 inners! ah yess there is freedom!! (offer in organised societies, socialist, that provide it. within 100 to 1000 years i reckon at a guess)

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