Sunday, 29 November 2009

some rats swim and some rats climb... Olympics & Race realities

some rats swim, some rats dont.
they climb and jump instead...

such is rats.

its a biological thing. like species and varients there-in ;like race.

oh the beijing 2008 refers to the olympics by the way humans. this is so you can try to understand the concept : olymp it is difficult idea for mice and cockroaches and... the like. I doubt bacteria understands it too well either
The swimmers are white aryan. In this they are not negro or sino or jews semites, but it probably went over your heads as being too mentally challenging. I would not have expected bacteria or mice or cockroaches to have understood.

.soo what ever you try to do, dont save pictues under the scientific anthropological term race, as some cultures are hostile to science. like prude ones..

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