Thursday, 29 October 2009

Zones >1 >4 inner Entertainment

notorious zones >1 and >4, inner ring, entertainment zones.

here you will find fun bars and its is legal to be drunk, take cannabis, be stoned, hire unusual services, buy illegal weapons and contraband, distribute dissent properganda, find nude bars, lap dancers, weird kink shows and for hire, chicks who do it up the ass too (sodominas).
and fab fashion.

also sleep-over tiny rooms or bunks available very cheep.
(vomit washable floor, no carpets). some are free if availabe (more like a cuboard with bolt).

remember 'real men dont rape in zone >inner 1 or 4, thats what zone >23 inner is for'.
(gay bars are in zone <23 outer ianna core) might be dangerous at night. special police-manat teams wear boxing gloves at night in this zone. dont fall for a sparring match, they are sober and have had lots of practice. lots of loud music. some bars age specific. nude and fucking is ok. no fire arms/leathel weapon allowed. doom spray is ok/pepper/cs if you are not banned for misuse of it. often smells of urine. delicious cooked-insects and spice-fried maggots on sale... along with weird exotic earthling food too from around the world.

bellydancer. this one clothed,

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