Thursday, 29 October 2009

zone <2 and <3 outer Ianna core, nuns lesbians

well there is porn in 2 and 3 outer, ianna core!


the virgin hide-away. Lesbian central.

people found wearing chastity belts or purity rings get habited in this zone as will-full dissidents. they are, could take a long time with their rehab. if ever.

dont care over science, biology, sexology, Venus, other peoples needs, becoming an adult of the species or true socialism!

...good place for hot lesbian sex.
male ones get put here too unless they turned up first.

lick it song.
not a hetro biologically normal sex place.

2 & 3 outer of ring have all the gay bars.

still have to follow tule temple law, often have to be dragged there protesting. need locksmith too. and restraints. sociopathic.

officials require armed escort. (hide the lapels they spit on them). bring a stun prob baton and helmit with vizor. no respectors of authroity.

live entertainment.
carted off.
monthly fuck fuck time.
looked peaceful to me.
anti capitalism. sounds good.

more porn.
desktop dykes.

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