Friday, 23 October 2009

Anti-Elections Protesters Dragged-Off UK, Vote Folly Fad wear-off

Anti-Election campaigners were dragged off at counter-political pannel-questioning on the gunk viewer. (pictured two females against the vote for women & men - egalitarian-Imperialism aka ianna).

core-nomads BNP ~former-pending alteration ~mono-race party of the UV habitat zone natives people, gained +3000 ~to be allowed membership with court allowed criteria, plus 6000 dunk alignmenters (article). not bad for a party of 10-12 000 members.

(dogs Diana), Aristo-Plutocratic folly fad, like a student council or company-friendly 'union', Question Time' BBC UK fee-viewer (lisence fee not free) has worn-thin and though and dispenced after 30 years of pseudo-liberalism and chosen-'public'-questions to reveal agenda as in-dogma acting-front of the Imperial Pets.

court alteration and pending 'non-gender equality bill' redundant the prohibitions on public-sector core-nomad membership.

Imperial officers of police unaware of if their line of counter-disorder police made any arrests at anti-elections abuse-riot, BBC hq. shove shove gob gob, viewer.

Does you AI need help with understanding words in english? Contact Droid remedial english bungers unit.

ie: gunk agenda translate:
one ideology under false-front = 3 partys (ianna Imperial 'multi-party' system) or multi-ideology true multi-partys?... of genuine different views.
(falling of the aristo-pluto stitch up fake-facade?)

voting method over terrorism-assassination-civil war producing voters choice, disfavoured vote problems for hidden 3 front cabal-syndicate?

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