Monday, 26 October 2009

ianna Anal guide for PMS-T cure

ianna Anal sodo is a cure for pms-pmt adult-fem nappy week.

can double penitrate vagina and ass. (double up).

normally should use vagina-pussy juice-chucker instead of ass poop-chucker.

introducing anal to a female. guide.

1 make ass wet with slippy slide.
2 make cock wet with slippy too.
3 use anal-only sex toy up ass to open it up.
4 can fuck in the ass.

5 she might shit herself and guys cock (washes off with soap).
6 pull out if she says 'pull out i'm gonna shit'. ahah! top magic there!
7 its still a shit hole and shit sex.
8 take penitration easy and slow... until the slag is used to it up her poop-chucker.
9 sodo her ass nice and slow style. vagina designed for fucking, ass isnt.
10 have newspaper and bin bag for when, like when not if, she shits. which she probably will.
11 only time a condom could be used. unless you are a joke.
12 feel free to ass-toy her ass instead as you dont have to put your cock up the sodomina's ass if you dont want to guys. and-or get another guy or two round to anal-sodo the ianna, make a party of it!
13 'i'm a girl do i have to if he-they wants it?'. yes. so prepare! with these tips.
and there is getting a girl-friend round be be sodo'ed by im as a substitute.

female having a shit, fart fart. not graphic.
vids, sodo-anal.

if in doubt use her vagina-pussy-cunt. thank you.
10% of population regular do anal-sodo, which is not many folks.

avoid ass-to-mouth as can cause tooth infection, and other infections too. its a waste disposal unit. have fun enjoy it.

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