Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dogging It

more free fuck fun.

porno vids. doing it in and on a car.

tech gunk:
(Venus Note: Condomers belong to the state as pets-drones/slaves, and the state cannot tell the difference over a females age ~(see vice squad) but under 24s are expected to UK. ( note: prude hostile to adult sex disorder, and sociopathry inc. psychopatic slaver disorder).
novelty bin: cervex caps and spermicide protect from preggo, heaps of vd and cercvical cancer and dont turn you into zombies like the condom state & cervical jabbers - at greater cost ofcourse (psycho-sociopaths please note!). natural sex is multi-cream-cum, as disgned by greater gods than theirs. incase of psychotic reaction to this knowlege close your eyes for over 3 seconds thank you.

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