Friday, 9 October 2009

Beam of Light in Murk Cavern

USA President Obama 'suprised by Nobel Peace Prize award'
to him he said, on the way to his Afghan War Council sitting.

going bung the $1.4 mill bribe to some pretend charity status thing.

"The choice makes Obama the third sitting US president to win the peace prize.

While his name had been mentioned in speculation before the award, many Nobel watchers believed it was too early to reward him.

The Taliban condemned the decision, saying Obama had "not taken a single step towards peace in Afghanistan", although Afghan president Hamid Karzai said Obama was the "appropriate" person to win the prize.

Sky's foreign affairs editor, Tim Marshall, said: "There will be people who will say this is a marvellous, inspired award.

"But next year let's give it to Miss World. Every year Miss World comes on and says 'I want world peace and the world free of nuclear weapons'. It's a hope, an aspiration.

"The deadline for nominations for the peace prize was February 1, so someone nominated the President of America for his achievements 11 days into his presidency.

"This is a Nobel Peace Prize for not being George Bush. And I think it has been devalued."

Nonetheless, European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso said it would encourage people hoping to build a safer world.

And the UN's nuclear watchdog chief, Mohamed ElBaradei, said he was "absolutely delighted"."

In between collective masturbation sessions in the room they never leave the 5 human team of peace-award-givers create mockery and astonishment in some quaters. 'they are really highly academicaly qualified, you can tell!"

"Obama's award is simply the projection of wishful thinking."

Nobel dynamitards just blew themselves up. vietnam yes, ghandi no.

Obama's War Council; high end troop extras 60,000 going on 400,000.

"In all, about 278,000 troops are in Afghanistan, including 68,000 American troops, 40,000 allied troops,[making 108k] and 170,000 Afghan National Security Forces, including police and army.

Gen. Dan McNeill, a previous US commander of forces in Afghanistan, said two years ago [2007] that to mount a counterinsurgency properly, a country the size of Afghanistan needs a force of about 400,000."

Russian supply lines?

UK Con Party leader says sending more british troops will help bring the war to an end. going to be over 25 and this time they might get armored vehicles too! also ready to invade iran when america gets a move on with it... its just like the old days.

Canadian Troops to Affermitivly leave ...and Stay. and if that doesnt confuse the Taliban nothing will.

Nasa bombs the moon. crash 1 and crash 2 which beams back data from crash one dust. looks for ~you guessed it~, water amid all that concret dust.

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